OYSTERVILLE — The Rev. John Indermark of Naselle and singer/songwriter Jill Trenholm of Ocean Park and Portland team up at the Oysterville Vespers service Sunday, July 3, to deliver a powerful message. “Looking Forward,” the theme of Indermark’s homily, is taken from Trenholm’s song by the same name. 

“I wrote this song for my friend Mary and for my mother, who are both breast cancer survivors,” says Jill. “The lyrics aren’t very Fourth of July-ish.”

Once her mind was made up she knew her path would be hard,

So she polished her armor and shined up her sword.

She decided not to think of all the things she would miss

She looked forward to looking back on all of this.

Yet, according to Indermark, the title “Looking Forward” connects both to the song and to the July 4 celebration of our nation’s birth.

“On that day we do not only look back to our beginnings, but we look — and live — forward to enacting the principles of justice and freedom and human rights inherent in the Declaration of Independence,” he says.

There will be patriotic music, as well, during the service. In addition to her original compositions, Trenholm will sing “America the Beautiful.” Congregational singing will include “My Country ’Tis of Thee” to the accompaniment of the old-fashioned pump organ ably played by Suzanne Knutzen.

Ann Holway Driscoll, who grew up in Oysterville, will present the “Oysterville Moment” — a welcome and reminiscence about the historic village. The service begins at 3 p.m. and visitors and Peninsula residents are invited to “come as you are.” Donations to the collection basket go toward the maintenance of the 1892 church building. 

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