Love animals? Support Bear Fund

<I>ELIZABETH LONG photo</I><BR>William Mundy is donating this computer to raise funds in support of veterinarians Catherine Lindblad and Ed Ketel.

SEAVIEW - Thanks to the Bear Memorial Fund, some lucky person will go home with a computer just in time for Christmas and some homeless or needy animals will be able to get medical attention - a true win-win situation.

This fund was inspired, not by the large animals sometimes found on back porches or raiding garbage cans on the Peninsula, but by a little Lhasa Apso dog with a big heart named Bear. For 17 years, Bear was the constant and loving companion of William G. Mundy.

When Bear passed away in 2001, Mundy wanted to do something to honor his beloved pet's memory. So each year Mundy assembles a very special computer at his shop, CCME Avenger Computer Systems in Ocean Park, and donates it to Oceanside Animal Hospital to be raffled off.

The money raised helps cover the costs of medical expenses for animals found homeless or abandoned, or whose owners have few resources. There was the lost dog that arrived riddled with porcupine quills and the kitten with two broken legs, the result of abuse. The fund has been used to treat everything from abscesses to respiratory diseases to surgeries.

Veterinarians Catherine Lindblad and Ed Ketel administer the fund, stretching out the money as far as possible.

"We try to use the funds for the animals who need the most help," said Lindblad. "We try to spread the funds out as far as possible, but they are limited."

Despite the numerous sad stories of abandonment and neglect, Lindblad stays optimistic about human nature and generosity. She said there are even people who have started to donate to the fund year-round.

And although Mundy knows nothing can replace Bear in his heart, it eases the grief to know that the little dog who gave him so much is in a very real way still giving.

For more information on the Bear Memorial Fund or to purchase a $10 raffle ticket, contact the Oceanside Animal Clinic at 642-2232.

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