Love was in the air at Art Walk for Angela Fitzgerald and Joel Maher

Angela Fitzgerald and Joel Maher were moved to get married after attending Art Walk in Ilwaco.

ILWACO - When Angela Fitzgerald and Joel Maher of Bellevue visited the Peninsula on June 12, they went hiking around North Head Lighthouse. They also strolled the waterfront in Ilwaco, delighting in the atmosphere of Art Walk.

But something special was in the air that surrounded Joel and Angela. Later that evening while they walked along the boardwalk, Joel proposed to Angela. The couple wanted a June wedding, so on the 30th at North Head Lighthouse, Angela and Joel exchanged vows in a ceremony performed by Rick Parker of the Cymbolics Gallery in Ilwaco.

"Our first vacation to the Peninsula was when we started dating in July of last year," Angela says.

This vacation introduced them to Michal Miller and the Lion's Paw Bed and Breakfast in Seaview where they stayed.

Miller wore many hats before and during the wedding ceremony, helping the couple make many of their wedding arrangements. She was also a witness at the ceremony and did much of the photography.

Once they were married, the Mahers made a return visit to the Wade Gallery where they purchased a print of North Head by artist Bruce Peterson. This print was their special wedding gift to each other.

"The main reason for originally going to the Seaview area came from my frequent visits to Long Beach as a kid," Joel says. "Every year, sometimes twice a year, my mom would take us to the Long Beach Peninsula for a vacation. I have always had great memories of the area and I couldn't wait to bring Angela here. Proposing on the boardwalk and getting married at the lighthouse has only made the Peninsula a much more magical place for me."

This area has had special meaning for Joel since his childhood and now Angela and Joel can begin creating their own special memories here. With a romantic proposal and wedding, they are well on their way.

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