Lucky dog rescued at sea

<I>RON MALAST photo</I><BR>Lucy Dreyer of the Peninsula holds "Esther Williams," who was discovered by a passing fishing boat paddling for her life about three miles our at sea west of the mouth of Willapa Bay. Dreyer adopted the pooch, who probably won't be going swimming again soon.

Fishing boat picks her up 3 miles at sea

LONG BEACH - The crew of a Grays Harbor-based fishing boat caught more than fish last week. The boat, which hasn't been identified, was about three miles out in the ocean when the crewspotted a small dog swimming for all she was worth in the cold water.

They plucked the dog from the waves and delivered her to the Grayland Veterinary Clinic last Tuesday where she was stabilized then moved to the Willapa Veterinary Clinic in Raymond.

Mary Boggs, a receptionist at the clinic said the dog, who they named "Mighty Aphrodite," was "exhausted and hungry but otherwise in good shape. She'd apparently been swimming for hours." How the dog ended up so far from shore remains a mystery.

"Mighty Aphrodite" was later taken to the South Pacific County Animal Shelter in Long Beach where Lucy Dreyer, who owns Happy Trails dog grooming service, heard about her. The lucky dog was sponsored at the shelter by Phyllis Scheibner of Seaview.

"I went to see her and took my dog Oscar with me to see how they got along," Dreyer said this week. "I was going to leave when she jumped right into the passenger seat in my car."

What could she do but take her home with Oscar?

"My husband said 'I knew you'd have the dog in the car'," she said.

The 25-pound canine, now named Esther Williams, is happily ensconsed in the Dryer home.

"She's really sweet," Dreyer said. "I want everyone to know that it's okay to adopt an older dog. She fit right in and doesn't mess in the house. Oscar kind of has his nose out of joint right now but he's really good with her."

The new member of the Dreyer household is thought to be about 9 years old, has big "bat ears" and is colored like a German shepherd. She also "lopes like a coyote," Dreyer said.

Why Esther Williams? Well the water part is obvious. But about 20 years ago Dreyer worked with a veterinarian in Beverly Hills and groomed the real swimming movie star Esther Williams' dog.

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