LONG BEACH - It's official! The second year of our very own Boys & Girls Club of the Long Beach Peninsula is just about to begin! The first year was a great success, and enormous part of that was due to our committed and passionate volunteers. Once again, we are looking for community members that are eager to get involved. Take advantage of the Sept. 3 volunteer training at 5:30 p.m. at the Boys & Girls Club office (the old county administration building) - next to the Humane Society.

At the training you'll have the opportunity to meet the Club's staff, learn about what the Club does, what volunteer opportunities there are, as well as what a volunteer might expect and what's expected in return. A great exploring opportunity!

This coming school year, your help is needed each and every week, or just once a month (whatever time you can spare for our kids). Any time you have to share with a child is most appreciated. There are many different ways you can impact a life at the Boys & Girls Club. Here are a few suggestions from the club:

1. Driving the bus, transporting kids from Ocean Park Elementary to Long Beach Elementary (CDL license preferred)

2. We also really need help at the front desk checking Club members in and out with their parents.

3. Volunteers to help during "Power Hour." That's when the kids focus on completing homework or developing their academic skills through fun language arts or math puzzles.

4. Volunteers willing to do one-hour workshops (like card making/painting/photography, etc.) for a preselected period of time are always welcome.

5. Volunteers who help with all aspects of the Club, float around to wherever they are needed.

There is a lot to do and this list just touches on some basics. Don't let this limit your ideas. What would you like to offer?

Frequently Asked Questions:

? What are the hours of operation?

Open 2:45 p.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 1:45 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday, closed when the school closes for holidays, snow, etc.

? Where is it held?

At Long Beach Elementary (Ocean Park children are bused to the Club each day - parents always pick up.)

? Can I observe before committing to volunteering?

Yes, but you still need to complete the volunteer forms and submit them and arrange a time with Erin.

? How old are the children?

Currently, the majority are kindergarten through sixth grade, with a handful of older students, all have pre-registered with their parents. During Power Hour, kids work with others in their age range but the rest of the time, they typically select from 3 activities and children of all ages interact. In the not too distant future, the club will be working all the way up through seniors in high school.

Now that you are inspired to take the next step, contact the office about the volunteer training at 642-8668 or e-mail the Club's Program Director, Erin Reilly, at erinreilly@centurytel.net.

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