SOUTH BEND — A South Bend man’s wild ride will likely result in a jail sentence.

In January, Justin Wilson, 32, was caught speeding. He then led law enforcement on a chase, and later threatened the deputy who arrested him.

Wilson’s charges include attempting to elude a police vehicle, intimidating a public servant, driving under the influence, and violating community custody. His case is scheduled for a July 15 jury trial.

At the time of the January incident, Wilson had a felony warrant issued for his arrest.

In April 2018, Wilson pled guilty to a separate case of residential burglary and a third-degree assault of a law enforcement officer.

The crime

On Jan. 5, Pacific County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jesse Eastham saw a vehicle going over Willapa Road’s 35 mph speed limit. Eastham’s speed-tracking device showed the vehicle was driving at 54 mph, and increasing speed.

Eastham activated his patrol car’s lights but Wilson didn’t pull over. While Eastham pursued Wilson, the pair made eye contact.

“After the vehicle passed my location, it was obvious it was accelerating at an extremely high rate,” reads Eastham’s report. “I followed in behind the vehicle, attempting to stop it.”

The chase

During the pursuit, Wilson cut off other vehicles. He eventually drove to an area that is full of dead-end streets. Raymond Police Department Officer Eric Fuller helped Eastham search for Wilson. Whenever Eastham or Fuller found Wilson, he’d speed away. At one point, Wilson almost hit two pedestrians, according to Eastham’s report.

Eventually, Wilson came to a stop. Eastham told him to turn off the car’s engine and keep his hands visible.

“From the 15 to 20 feet away I was from Wilson, I could smell a strong and obvious odor of intoxicants coming from his person,” reads Eastham’s report.

Ignoring orders

Wilson ignored Eastham’s commands, instead telling him “no” and to “f*** off,” according to Eastham’s report. He continued to ignore Eastham, despite being told he’d be tasered if he didn’t comply.

After being tasered once, Wilson listened to Eastham’s orders. While he was read his Miranda Rights, he yelled that he knew what his rights were, according to Eastham’s report.

“As I read Wilson his rights, he told me ‘F*** you, f*** off, you’re a f****** d********, death by cop, m***********,’ and many other things,” reads Eastham’s report. “After reading his rights, I asked if he understood. He stated ‘F*** yeah!’ I asked if he would still talk to me with his rights in mind. He stated ‘Yeah, f*** you!’”

Wilson declined doing any sobriety tests. Throughout the encounter, he screamed and his speech was fast and slurred, according to Eastham’s report.

While on his way for a BAC test, Wilson told Eastham if he didn’t have handcuffs on, he’d “kick [his] a**” and “fold [him] like a pretzel.”

Wilson continued to fight officers, refusing to exit the patrol car and refusing to provide a breath sample. While en route to the county jail, Wilson continued to threaten Eastham.

“I believe if there were no other officers around or if he were not in restraints, he would have tried to assault me,” reads Eastham’s report.

Alyssa Evans is a staff writer for the Chinook Observer. Contact her at 360-642-8181 or

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