OCEAN PARK — An alleged March burglary may result in jail time for two men.

Frank Brumitt Jr., 38, and Arthur Mickens, 30, were charged with second-degree burglary after allegedly breaking into a shed in Ocean Park.

Mickens will face a jury trial July 10. He is also charged with driving with a suspended license, operating a vehicle without an ignition lock, and violating community custody.

In April, Brumitt Jr. entered a plea agreement in exchange for his testimony against Mickens. Brumitt Jr. will serve one year and one day in jail.

In March, Brumitt Jr. and Mickens allegedly broke into an Ocean Park resident’s shed with bolt cutters. A quad, bicycle and tricycle were reported missing from the shed.

The pair was identified by neighbors, who reported the crime to Pacific County Sheriff’s Office. Once a deputy arrived at the scene, the shed’s owner was almost finished installing new shed locks. The sheriff’s deputy took the broken locks and bolt cutters for evidence.

On March 27, PCSO Deputy Ryley Queener arrested Brumitt Jr., who had a misdemeanor warrant for another incident. When asked about the shed burglary, Brumitt Jr. said he had “recently heard a person of Native American descent bragging about stealing a generator” from the shed. However, he couldn’t name the person he mentioned, according to Queener’s report.

Later, when Queener arrested Mickens, Mickens denied any involvement in the burglary, saying “Everything in that shed is broken, why would I steal any of it?” according to Queener’s report.

Mickens also said if he were going to steal, he’d steal something good, since he only robs drug dealers, according to the report. Mickens still denied being at the shed after being told a witness saw him and Brumitt Jr. there.

Alyssa Evans is a staff writer for the Chinook Observer. Contact her at 360-642-8181 or aevans@chinookobserver.com

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