OYSTERVILLE - Well over 60 attended the Cranberry Queen's Sweetheart Tea at the Oysterville School Saturday. This is the biggest attendance they have had in their 1-1/2 years of existence.

A lot of new faces were in the crowd, and all promised to return. They ran out of red hats and gave out conversation heart balloons instead. The primrose and balloon centerpieces were given to the oldest, one who came the farthest (California), shortest, tallest, longest hair, shortest hair, longest fingernails, most grandchildren, and a three-way tie for the reddest hat. Visitors came from the Claremont, Calif., chapter of red hats. It was quite a nice day to take a cup of tea.

The event organizer, Sharon White, planned for the usual 24, but when more and more ladies came through the door, one red hat said, "Just keep thinking loaves and fishes, loaves and fishes."

Food was provided by Ethel Knapp, Nellie Beasley, Sandi Smith, and Linda Williams. Donations at the door paid for rental of the school and the group's annual charter fee.

The group provided birthday cakes and ice cream to the Peninsula Senior Center on March 15 for their March birthday celebration at 2 p.m.

At the tea Vivian Wattum, queen Mum, modeled a new purple sweatshirt with the Cranberry Queens logo available at Two Steps Back in Ocean Park. The afternoon included the movie "Calendar Girls" at the Neptune Theater where the red hats newly produced calendar is on sale for $14.95. Thanks to the two husbands who were our photographers and Buzy Beez Copy Center. Proceeds from the sale are going to the local humane society.

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