NASELLE - Twenty-nine eighth-grade students at the Naselle Middle School were honored with their moving-up ceremony in front of a large audience of parents, teachers and friends at the Naselle School Commons on June 15. Only 27 of the class members of the prospective class of 2010 were able to take part as two class members were ill.

One of those ill students was Karli Nelson who was to have been the class speaker. Her father, teacher Greg Nelson, delivered Karli's address for her as, he said, one of the oldest eighth graders.

Following Nelson's pinch-hitting with the class address, several of the eighth graders joined the Middle School Band, under director Dave King, in playing a musical selection, "Medieval Legend," for the last time as middle school students.

Awards for the eighth graders were presented by Counselor Justin Laine and Principal Karen Wirkkala. The class awards went to three students. Karli Nelson received the English award; Nicole Laney received the award for physical education, shop and art; Alan Erickson received the awards for physical education, band, math, science and history.

The Honors Award recipients for having a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or above during their seventh and eighth grade years were: Alan Erickson, Emily Green, Drew Macy, Calen Thompson, Karli Nelson, Orianne Condon, Nicole Laney, and Gary Johansen.

School awards went to: Nicole Laney for Best All Around Girl; Alan Erickson for Best All Around Boy; Drew Macy for the Leadership Award; and Alan Erickson for the Highest Academic Achievement Award for a 4.0 GPA.

The always popular class slide show, arranged by Karli Nelson and Calen Thompson, was presented to the appreciative class and audience.

Following the slide show a certificate of completion of the eighth grade was presented to each of the class members. Those earning the certificates included: Donald Amick, Michael Amick, Samantha Bauer, Nathan Carlson, Jodi Christie, Orianne Condon, Carson Cooper, Hannah DeBlois, Alan Erickson, Colton Gilbert, Emily Green, Marcos Herrera, Johnathon Hines, Gary Johansen, Kyle Johnson, Larry Johnson, Nicole Laney, Alicia Langston, Laura LaRoy, Cody Larson, Manuel Lopez, Drew Macy, Jesus Martinez, Karli Nelson, Lindsay O'Kelley, Jacob Revis, Charles Scalzo, Logan Scrabeck, and Calen Thompson.

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