Nan Malin to lead conservative group’s state chapter

Seaview Nansen Malin will be leading a statewide conservative group.

SEATTLE — Americans for Prosperity (AFP) has hired Nansen Malin, Seaview resident and new media expert, as its new Washington state director. 

“Nansen is a natural online grassroots organizer with a professional background in business,” said Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity. “She’s a great example of how conservatives can be community organizers, too. We’re proud to welcome her as the leader of AFP’s Washington state chapter.”

The Los Angeles Times describes Americans for Prosperity as a “Koch-founded advocacy group,” sponsored by billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch. The Kochs are regarded as key players in the conservative Tea Party movement. The Kochs have reportedly spent tens of millions of dollars in recent years on conservative candidates and issues, including a current campaign against the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Malin has been chairwoman of the Pacific County and Third Congressional District Republican Party organizations, but will now be withdrawing from those partisan political positions. She participates in a wide variety of local community volunteer activities, including Sea Resources and Coastal Community Action Program.

Malin is co-owner with her husband Brett of MR Data Corp., which provides statistical analysis for market research and public opinion surveys to an international client base. 

Her interest in technology began when she owned a New York City-based advertising agency that specialized in sales lead generation through direct mail campaigns. Later, in Southern California, she took a kitchen table hobby and through publicity and sales created an award winning wholesale manufacturing business. 

A graduate of University of Washington, Malin has held several prominent positions in Washington state politics, and currently serves as national political director for Smart Girl Politics. One of the most-followed conservatives on Twitter, she works on messaging and communication with federal and state legislators, lobbyists, candidates, bloggers, and political and special interest groups to utilize the full resources of online communities and the Internet to achieve their goals.  

“Washington has the potential to be one of the most economically competitive states in the country,” said Malin. “The Washington chapter of Americans for Prosperity is ready to organize its members to urge the governor and legislature to rein in wasteful spending and get a hold of the state’s unsustainable budget.”  

Malin currently lives in Seaview with her husband, Brett, and has four grown children. To contact Malin, call her at 244-3294.

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