NASELLE and CHINOOK - When it came to parenting, our parents had it easy! Radio was the main source of news and entertainment, there were only a couple of soft drinks to choose from and pop music saw the likes of "76 Trombones" and "Singing In The Rain."

Today our society is in a difficult time. While gang violence, foreign affairs and health care grab headlines, our most profound crisis has to do with the welfare of our children and adolescents. Simply put, we are losing our way as a society in ensuring that all youth move safely and successfully into adulthood.

The Evangelical Lutheran Churches of Chinook and Naselle are conducting a class on parenting. The classes will be held at the Naselle church on Wednesday nights starting on Sept. 3. At the Chinook Church, the classes will be held on Thursday nights starting Sept. 4. There are four classes in the course. Each class will run approximately one hour, and there is no charge for the class.

The curriculum is "It Takes More Than Love," a four-part video/print curriculum based on extensive research done by the Search Institute of nearly 300,000 youth. It is designed to help parents and communities support the positive development of their children. The goal of this series is to provide a framework for an asset-building approach to parenting - which has been proven to be of value in successful parenting.

The four video programs are: "Carousels and Commitment" (Intentional Parenting), "Legos and Egos" (Value-Centered Parenting), "Blue Jeans and Boundaries" (Nurture-Centered Parenting), and "Crayons and Communities" (Inclusive Parenting).

Everyone is welcome to attend. Each session will include the video and a discussion. Refreshments will be served. The Naselle Evangelical Lutheran Church is located at 308 Knappton Road in Naselle, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Chinook is at 767 Highway 101 in Chinook, across from the post office.

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