NASELLE - The month of May turned out to be the second driest May in the last 12 years as measured at the Naselle Hatchery. Only 2.89 inches of rain was recorded and that is less than 57 percent of the 25-year May average of 4.91 inches. Almost one-half of that moisture was measured in the first seven days of the month when the weather pattern was still one of the spring season with high temperatures in the 50s accompanying the rainfall.

The weather turned into a summer-like pattern beginning on the eighth day of the month when daytime temperatures climbed into the 70 and high 60-degree range while the rain spigot was turned off. Eleven successive days without rainfall dominated the middle of the month while the daytime temperature eventually reached a high of 80 degrees on the 14th. The clear skies also allowed the coldest night of the month, 33 degrees, to be recorded on that date.

The wettest day of the month, when 0.75 of an inch was recorded on May 20, and a day early in the month with 0.73 of an inch produced more than one half of the month's rainfall. Following the drizzle on the 20th, the weather again turned nearly summer-like for the rest of the month and seven totally dry days followed. Those dry days produced a month with 18 days with no rain plus six days when the rainfall wasn't much more than a trace, with measurements in the low 100ths of an inch category.

The warmest day of the month - make that the hottest day of the month - was on May 30 when the mercury climbed to 89 degrees, giving May two days with highs in the 80s. The temperature reached into the 70 to 79-degree range on 14 days and there were five days in the 60 to 69 range, leaving only 10 days when the temperature did not reach at least 60 degrees.

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