NASELLE - The Pacific Northwest American Red Cross blood mobile regular visit to the Naselle Fire Hall last Wednesday, Jan. 21, was a success when the goal of 45 units of collected blood was exceeded. Forty-six units of blood were collected from 59 potential donors.

The recent snow and ice storm had disrupted traffic and lives in the Pacific Northwest and it also put a serious crimp in the available supply of blood in the region.

Several donors, topped by Maija Ross who has donated 5 gallons of blood over the years, received pins signifying their milestone donation. Other pin recipients included Diane Matthews for 4 gallons, Ryan Bjornsgard and Sabrina Wasmundt each for 2 gallons and Dennis York for 1 gallon. There were two first-time donors, Lacey Engelson and Rebecca Johnson, at this blood draw. Some of the other longtime donors, like A. R. (Dick) Grabenhorst, Doug Sandell and Pat Vernon, continued to provide their blood and support to the blood drive.

Anita Raistakka was one of the people who helped with registration.

"It was really pleasing that some of the recent high school graduates, who started donating as members of teacher Tom Trudell's Contemporary Problems class, are continuing to donate now after they have are no longer in that high school class and have graduated," she said. "Those young people and the other young donors are important to keep the number of donors in the area at a high level as some of the long-time donors become older."

As usual, a number of volunteers helped blood drive chair person Johnnie Engelson with the drive. Helping in the canteen, on registration, or as escorts were Annette Bowker, Lacey Engelson, Linda Laney-Tunley, Helen Harkins, Carol Haven and Anita Raistakka. Providing refreshment donations were Rose Elaine Johnson, Amber Eaton, Rene Ehrlund, Francy Penttila and Jeanine Helvey.

Just as sure as spring follows winter, the Pacific Northwest American Red Cross blood drive will again be held at the Naselle Fire Hall in a few short months. The beauty of the blood drive program is that one does not have to wait for the return of that unit to Naselle as blood drives are held in many of the close by towns, such as Astoria, Ilwaco, Raymond and Cathlamet, on a continuous schedule.

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