NASELLE - The Class of 2004 graduates of Naselle High School received many honors, awards and scholarships at their graduation ceremony held last Saturday afternoon. School counselor Justin Laine explained that the Class of 2004 had already received scholarships totaling over $130,000 and that many more awards would probably be received later.

Academic Honors and Awards

Valedictorian: Chera Anderson

Salutatorian: Jennifer Burns

Gold Honors (3.5 or above GPA): Chera Anderson;

Silver Honors (3.2 to 3.49 GPA): Jennifer Burns, Mary Frank, Dan White and Neil Wirkkala.

National Honor Society:

Chera Anderson, Jennifer Burns, Dan White and Mary Frank.

Special recognition for passing all four sections of the WASL

Donna Blain, Jennifer Burns, Chris Dunn, Mary Frank, Derek Johnson, Jordan Petrovich and Neil Wirkkala.

Senior Awards

National Nominee for the Wendy's High School Heisman Award: Dan White

Outstanding effort in Tobacco Prevention work: Jennifer Burns

VFW Citizenship Award: Neil Wirkkala and Renee Steppe

Bob Chamberlain Award: Dan White

Senior Faculty Awards: Cross Age Linking - Derek Johnson, Jordan Petrovich and Mary Frank; English - Jennifer Burns, Mathematics - Chera Anderson; Health and Fitness - Neil Wirkkala; Industrial Education - Michael Hurst and Chris Dunn; Principal's Leadership Award - Derek Johnson; Natural Helpers - Derek Johnson and Mary Frank; Performing Arts: Dan White and Derek Johnson; Contemporary World Problems - Dan White.


Naselle-Grays River Valley Education Foundation Scholarships: Peggy Busse Scholarship to Nicole Matthews; Margaret Hill Scholarship to Nicole O'Kelley; Reuben Penttila Scholarship to Derek Johnson; Ron Holm Scholarship to Marijane Anderson; Mae Strifel Scholarship to Jennifer Burns; H. Robert Johnson Scholarship to Dan White; Wahkiakum West Communications Scholarships to Jennifer Burns and Dan White; Naselle Education Foundation Scholarships to Elicia Vaughn and Renee Steppe; Carson Burkhalter Scholarship to Nicole Matthews; Harry Thornberg Scholarships (4 for $500 each) to Nicole O'Kelley, Marijane Anderson, Nicole Matthews and Derek Johnson and one $1,000 award to Chera Anderson; Lyle and Elaine Patterson Scholarships on behalf of Merle and Betty Sorenson to Dan White and Derek Johnson; the newly established Jacob and Wilhelmina Pakenen Memorial Scholarship to Jennifer Burns; and The Bank of the Pacific Scholarship to Chera Anderson.

Other scholarships (Grouped by the student receiving the awards)

Jennifer Burns: Alpha Theta Sigma, Naselle Assembly of God Church, Naselle Assembly of God Youth Group, DeVry University (a three-year award) and Naselle Lions Club; Mary Frank: The Campbell Group; Dan White: The Campbell Group, Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, the Ralph and Marie McGough Memorial Scholarship and the Naselle Assembly of God Youth Group; Neil Wirkkala: Naselle Assembly of God Youth Group; Derek Johnson: the Pacific County Sheriff's reserve, Alpha Theta Sigma and Naselle Lions Club; Nicole Matthews: Western Washington University President's Scholarship and Multicultural Achievement Scholarship (2) and the International Woodworkers' of America Scholarship; Chris Dunn: Montgomery GI Bill through the U.S. Air Force and up to four years of full-tuition assistance through the Air Force; Jacki Stanley: Montgomery GI Bill through the U.S. Navy; Mike Perez: a four-year scholarship through the Aqqaluk Trust General Endowment and the NANA Regional Shareholders Corporation with the Inapiat Tribe of Alaska; Elicia Vaughn: the Washington Federation of Private Career Schools and Colleges; and Nicole O'Kelley: International Woodworkers' of America.

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