NASELLE — *Ciara Sandell, *Levi Wasmundt, *Chandler Chapman, *Jordan Smith, Allison Todd, Makenzie Matthews, Mary Wirkkala, Thomas Shotwell, Raymond Shotwell, Jordan Badger, Victoria Corona, Dustin Eaton, Chad Andring, Emily Gudmundsen, Brenden Greenfield, Shaleesha Rose


    **Grace Zimmerman, Shalin Wulf, Katie Green, Keith Reitz, River Andring, Christina Carter, Samuel Scrabeck, Dakota Phillips, Aaron DaVall, Makijah Phillips, Haley Pine, Kayti Nelson, Marisa Woods, Jacob Williams, Kelsey Kelly, Katelyn Magie


    *Emily Bjornsgard, **Taylor Eaton, **Jake Clark, **Kendra Leeland, Natisha Cooper, Corey Smith, Makayla Matthews, Allyn Bauer, Ramzi Estes, Jordyn VerHulst, Haley Footh, Chloe Phillips, Mekenzee Weikum, Katelend Nakaya (Busse), Emily Ashe

Middle School

    8th Grade:  **Ellie Chapman, *Raja Estes, *Kyryn Jacot, *Jacob Scrabeck, *Brian Smith, *Andrew Todd, *Elyssa Hale, Cameron E. Burch, Amelia Tutu’U, Isabella Salazar, Kelly Langston, Morgan Ridgeway, Selena Leon-Martinez, Arianna Williams, Karinda Cooper, Tye Johnson, Manaia Pettit, Steven Wirkkala

    7th Grade: **Zachary Thorsen, Emeri Wilson, Nicholas Gaines, Azalie Bahrt, Samantha Wert, Brianna Wirkkala, Erik Lund, Angel Evans, Micah Cenci, Shon McEneny

    6th Grade: **Jacob Eaton, *Cole Dorman, *Gage Johnson, *Darian Jacot, *Parker Dalton, *Chayton VerHulst, Lindsay Hunt, Mckenzie Glenn, Hailey Penttila, Vince Fauver, Lily Harman, Sophie Scrabeck, Alina Ashe, Aaron Todd

*High Honors (3.75)

** 4.0

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