NASELLE - The school M & O levy, submitted to the voters of the Naselle Grays River Valley School District on Feb. 19, passed with a large majority of yes votes. With the final official count of the submitted ballots still to be completed, the levy is passing with 65 percent yes votes in Pacific and Wahkiakum County combined.

An enthused Superintendent Alan Bennett said, "On behalf of the Naselle Grays River Valley School District's Board of Directors, I'd like to thank the voting public for their support of the M & O Levy of Feb. 19. In Wahkiakum County, 61.2 percent of voters approved the levy and with Pacific and Wahkiakum County results combined, the approval rate was right at 65 percent.

"The district appreciates the support of local taxpayers. The hard-working employees and students of the Naselle Grays River Valley School District need this kind of support. Having the levy dollars available allows the district to maintain the programs and facilities at a level that the state simply doesn't fund. The extra-curricular programs that are such a valuable part of school experience are entirely funded by local dollars.

"This levy passage represents a sacrifice on the part of district residents. Although the board tries to set the levy at a level that will not be unduly burdensome, it is a tax that is imposed by choice. People willingly pay this tax. That is what makes levies so unique, they are one of the few taxes we have a say in. The board and administration do not take this responsibility lightly. We will continue to work hard to give a good return on investment for the levy revenues by offering quality educational programs and maintaining facilities. We will also continue to pursue grant opportunities to help expand opportunities for students and staff."

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