ROSBURG - The regular monthly meeting of the Naselle-Grays River Valley School Board of Directors was held at the Rosburg School on Tuesday, Oct. 28.

Deanna Gjovik acted as chairperson since the board chair Robert Torppa had submitted his resignation from the board.

The board approved several personnel action items. Robert Torppa was hired as the head girls basketball coach. Tim Wirkkala's resignation was accepted as assistant girls basketball coach. The board also accepted Eileen Williams resignation as 10th grade advisor. They also hired Rhiana Jacot as a paraeducator, Tim Kopp as technology facilitator, and Gene Quilhaugh as a half-time teacher at Naselle Youth Camp School.

In new business, the board accepted a computer donation at NYCS from Computers 4 Kids and accepted the nursing contract from ESD 112.

The board approved the first reading of policy 4130, 4215 and 5050, approved the bus ridership report, approved the state athletic trips and approved the 2002-2003 School Improvement Plan.

As a curriculum report, Eileen Williams, Spanish teacher, stated she is happy to live and teach in Naselle and gave an overview of the Spanish program.

In the business report, superintendent Gerald Schmidtke reported a projected ending cash balance at $157,145 and reported a 148 student FTE at the NYCS and 321.32 student FTE in the public school.

Schmidtke reported that the construction on the maintenance and transportation building has begun along with the boiler room project.

The K-12 principal Karen Wirkkala reported Naselle was third in the state on the science WASL. She also reported that an all school assembly will be held for fourth-, seventh- and tenth-grade WASL students.

In other school reports, it was reported that the middle school has a mobile computer lab in place, purchased with grant monies from the Templin Foundation. The middle school set a goal of $10,000 for their magazine drive. So far they have sold $9,180 (and since then, have made their goal).

The Veterans Day assembly will be held on Nov. 10 at 1:15 p.m. All are invited to attend with a special invitation to all veterans.

The security camera system installation is almost completed. One camera is left to install. The administration can now view all areas of the school 24 hours a day.

All parents were invited to have lunch with their child. Kindergarten parents are invited on Nov. 20 to come and have lunch with their child.

The first inservice for staff was a safety inservice and the second one was presented by Deputy Matlock from the Pacific County Sheriff's Office.

It was reported that there have been two incidents of improper driving on school grounds. The firs incident has been taken care of and the second incident has been turned over to the Sheriff's Office.

Principal Robin Andrea of the NYCS distributed his School Improvement Plan. Five committees from NYCS completed it for the 2003-2004 school year. At the first inservice the NYCS discussed the special education program and the second inservice they worked on the school improvement plan.

Schmidtke reported the first levy planning meeting was held on Wednesday. Everyone is invited to attend, with the second meeting planned for the near future.

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