Naselle has new quilting business run by Cindy Trued

Naselle has new quilting business run by Cindy Trued

NASELLE - Cindy's Quilting and Sew On is Naselle's newest business, having opened its doors in September 2002. The business, located at 1081 SR 4, is in the second residence on the left while traveling east on SR 4 beyond the Naselle Trailer Court (at the longtime home of Art and Laura Andring).

Owner Cindy Trued, a resident of Naselle since 1999, said, "I have been a quilter for 15 years. I have always loved sewing and this (opening a quilting business) is something that I have wanted to do for a long time."

Trued was raised in Alberta, Canada and her quilting and sewing began there. She and her husband Karl moved to Long Beach in 1996 and then to Naselle three years ago.

They remodeled the laundry room (in a separate building from the house) into a quilting area where Cindy could have her new long-arm quilting machine installed.

The machine is hand-guided and the designs are created using freehand patterns, stencils, and templates. The end result is a look that can turn quilt tops into family treasures for generations to come.

"Our goal is to provide the finest quality custom long-arm quilting for quilters who love to create quilts through design, piecing, and sewing the quilt tops, but don't have the time or space to do the quilting by hand," Cindy said.

Before buying her new quilting machine, Cindy made lots of quilts by hand. She is a member of the Peninsula Quilting Guild and has attended classes, some in McMinnville, to refine and develop her quilting skills.

Cindy's Quilting and Sew On is providing a full array of quilting services, which range from simple quilting to more complex quilting. The store also sells materials, including batting, backing, basting and binding. Services include repairing seams, extensive ironing, hanging sleeve added, as well as shipping and handling of quilts.

At this time Cindy is in the process of organizing quilting groups, which will range from beginners to the experienced quilter. The beginners class will be set up as a six-week class and will be held at an available space in the Naselle area. If interested, call Cindy at her business.

"We hope to have groups to teach people how to quilt, or if a person is working on a quilt, they are welcome to attend to get ideas," she said. "We will work on blocks, piecing, and other techniques."

Cindy welcomes drop-ins at her business or asks people to call 484-7294 for more information.

Cindy says, "You know you're a quilter when..."

• You happily spend all day pre-washing fabric, but when it come to real laundry, you procrastinate "til everyone is on their last pair of undies and socks."

• You actually enjoy going to the mailbox every day to see what goody is there waiting for you - another magazine, an exchange block or fabric you ordered.

• You have no qualms about driving for two to three hours just to see a quilt show or go to a quilt store.

• Your daughter is 6 months old and has already been to 10 quilt shows.

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