ABERDEEN — Five Naselle teams participated in an ESD 113 Knowledge Bowl meet at Grays Harbor College Monday, Dec. 13. The highest-finishing Naselle team, Shamma Lamma Ding Dong, placed fourth overall and second among Class B school teams. The team was only one point from third place and that would have earned them a spot in the championship round. Forty-four teams from Hoquiam, Montesano, Elma, Quinault, North Beach, Wishkah, Ocosta and South Bend also competed.

Shamma Lamma Ding Dong consisted of Cody Cooley, Nathan Reitz, Nicole Tarabochia, Alana Darcher and Kyle Mullins. The Naselle team Blue Mountain State, consisting of Trevin Leeland, Alex Bighill, Chase Chapman and Ryley Queener, placed 17th overall and eighth among Class B teams.

The Naselle Whiffenpoofs finished 24th overall and 12th among B school teams. The Whiffenpoofs are comprised of J.P. Cooley, Shalin Wulf, Mary Wirkkala, Allison Todd and Kaila Davall. The Naselle team Almost Heroes, consisting of Seth Scrabeck, Beau Santjer, Sam Scrabeck, Levi Wasmundt, Chandler Chapman and Keith Reitz, finished 28th overall and 16th among B schools. The final Naselle team, named “A squared + C squared = Yogurt,” included Austin Smith, Chris Walkowiak, Cassie Van Dusen, Rachel Underwood, Amber Wirkkala and Taylor Wasmundt, finished 32nd overall and 18th among B teams.

A Knowledge Bowl meet Monday, Jan. 3 at Grays Harbor College featured 33 B teams and 14 2A teams. Shamma Lamma Ding Dong was third overall and first among B teams and Blue Mountain State was 14th overall and fifth among the B’s. Whiffenpoofs placed 20th and eighth among B squads, Almost Heroes was 27th overall and 14th among B teams, and Naselle’s “A-squared” claimed 30th overall and was 17th among B teams.

Shamma Lamma Ding Dong and Blue Mountain State qualified for the regional meet Feb. 4 at the ESD 113 office. The top six B teams at the ESD 113 regional competition will qualify for state competition in Spokane during late March. Justin Laine is the Naselle coach.

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