OLYMPIA - The results of the 2003-04 Washington Assessment for Student Learning (WASL) test were released last week by the State Office of Public Instruction in Olympia. According to OSPI, scores at the state level increased at every grade level in every subject.

Naselle-Grays River Valley WASL Results:Reading % Met standard 4th Grade 7th Grade 10th Grade

2004 75.9% 62.1% 50.0%

2003 73.1% 47.7% 60.7%

2002 91.7% 75.0% 80.0%


2004 65.5% 51.7% 34.6%

2003 57.7% 26.1% 32.1%

2002 83.3% 46.9% 50.0%


2004 44.8% 65.5% 65.4%

2003 56.0% 56.5% 71.4%

2002 62.5% 100.0% 55.0%

Science 5th Grade 8th Grade 10th Grade

2004 44.4% 33.3% 26.9%

Scores in the three subject areas of the three tested grades in the Naselle-Grays River Valley School District did not improve in every area tested at each grade level. Improvements were made in six of the nine areas with noted exceptions coming in tenth grade math, fourth grade writing, and tenth grade writing.

In addition to the tests in reading, mathematics, and writing, the fifth, eighth, and tenth grade classes were administered a science test this year. However, this was only mandatory for the tenth graders. The NGRV tenth graders scored the lowest in this portion of the test among all of the tests administered. Overall, the local students in the three grades tested scored the lowest in the science area of the four areas measured.

Principal Karen Wirkkala had this to say about the Naselle test results, "We are very pleased that our school has met Adequate Yearly Progress. Our fourth graders made gains in the areas of reading and mathematics and both were above the state average. The seventh grade was above the state average in all three areas tested, reading writing, and mathematics. The 10th graders made progress in writing.

"The opting out of eight tenth graders did impact our 10th grade scores significantly, as each one of the opt outs resulted in a '0' for the class in each area tested. The 10th grade scores reported by OSPI are lower than the state average, however, they are reflective of eight zeroes.

"Of the 18 actually tested in the district, following are the figures which indicate the percentage passing the WASL in the various areas: reading 72 percent, writing 94 percent, math 50 percent, and science 39 percent. These scores are all above the state averages.

"We recognize that there is still improvement needed and are actively working to align the various curricular areas K-12 with the EALRS. Overall, we are pleased with the achievement of our students, but will continue setting goals in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics to help our student achieve success on the WASL."

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