NASELLE — The Appelo Archives Center in Naselle is sponsoring a Visitors Information Center in their downstairs entry so information will be available to visitors coming through the area. 

“We have many folks already stopping by to get directions and find out what’s available for visitors, so we decided to make it a formal addition to the local museum we already offer,” said Karen Bertroch, center director.

“We currently average over 100 visitors a month in the winter and more in the summer months,” she continued. “Naselle is a natural crossroads for folks driving by, for motorcyclists, and folks looking for property. Since we’re right on the highway near Mike Swanson’s realty office, Naselle Hardware, Caton’s deli and flower shop, and Hunter’s Inn, we’re in a good spot for visitors to naturally stop by. And we have a very large parking lot with plenty of room for RVs and trailers. With the gift of a cabinet for brochures given to us by Vista Park in Skamokawa, we now have an ideal place to offer brochures and maps, and information on activities. We will have a large, permanent banner on the building advertising the Visitors Center by Memorial Day weekend so we hope to get as many materials and brochures in here as soon as possible to have available for the summer and beyond, of course.” 

The center is open Tuesdays through Saturdays. If anyone would like to send brochures or other advertising items, please send them to AAC, 1056 State Route 4, Naselle, WA  98638, or contact Karen Bertroch at 484-7103 to arrange for a pick up of your materials. Things can also be dropped off at the Creative Flaire shop downstairs in the center building.

The center’s website is and the email address is:

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