NASELLE - The newly reestablished Future Farmers of America (FFA) club at Naselle High School held their initiation ceremonies for their new members recently.

Member Dan White writes, "District 8 FFA Green Hand Initiation: This year was Naselle's first Green Hand Initiation in over 50 years. There were several FFA Chapters at the Initiation. This year, the Cathlamet FFA Chapter hosted the Green Hand Initiation.

"Overall there were four FFA Chapters present at the initiation. First there was our host, the Cathlamet FFA Chapter. The Kelso FFA Chapter and the Castle Rock FFA Chapter were also there. And finally we, the Naselle FFA Chapter members were there.

"This being Naselle's first Green Hand Initiation, every FFA member was a Green Hand, since Green Hand is a first year FFA member. Toni Abbot, Jamie Ahlstrom, Wryan Anderson, Jeneice Berry, Matt Blain, Maros Borak, Matt Chavez, Justin Clark, Mary Frank, Michael Gilbert, Keith Hamilton, Caleb Hazen, Roger Laney, Rebecca Johnson, Westley Oatfield, Nicole O'Kelley, Andrea Osornio, Paul Perez, Greg Queener, Sandra Rodriguez, Tony Ruch, Jacki Stanley, Renee Steppe, Daniel White, Neil Wirkkala, Morgan Baxter, and Jason Stephan are the new Green Hands.

"There was also food and contests for all the chapters that came to the initiation. To start off the festivities we ate burgers and cake along with some side dishes. Then we dove into the contests, starting with egg rolling. Then came the corn relay where a team of four had to shuck one piece of corn a piece and eat it, Naselle won that contest. Then there was apple bobbing, which, Naselle also won. And next up was pumpkin carving, which was a close race between several chapters. Then finally was hay stacking, which had several winners.

"Overall I found the Green Hand Initiation to be a great deal of fun. I would like to give a special thanks to the Cathlamet FFA Chapter for hosting us and the other chapters," White said.

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