NASELLE - The month of June saw Naselle's monthly rainfall exceed the 25-year average for the month. The increased amount of rainfall reversed the trend of below average rainfall for the year, but it still kept the yearly accumulative rainfall well behind the average.

The June total, measured at the Naselle Hatchery, was 4.46 inches, more than the June average of 3.81 inches. With 54.73 inches measured during the first six months of the year, the total is still well behind the six-month average of 63.21 inches.

The wettest day of the month was June 25 when 1.00 inch was recorded. A day earlier, 0.85 of an inch was measured. There was one other day during the month with significant rainfall, June 10, when 0.75 inches of rain was caught in the rain bucket. There were 12 days during the month when no rain was recorded but those days were relatively spread out during the month with five days being the longest period without some measurable rainfall.

June was a warm month, one of transition from spring to summer, with comfortably warm days and cool nights. The high temperature did not reach 80 degrees until the last day of the month when a high of 81 was recorded. There were 20 days when the high temperature was in the 70's and nine days when the temperature did not get out of the 60's. The month's night-time low temperature of 35 was recorded on two nights near the middle of the month. A temperature "switch" seemed to have been clicked on June 13 when the night-time low temperatures suddenly rose over 10 degrees and stayed in the 40 to 50 degree range for the rest of the month.

As stated earlier, the first day of 80 degree weather did not happen until the last day of the month but when the weather changed, it changed. As the early July weather proved and the long range forecasts predicted, hay-makin' weather was upon us with nothing but the old hay-maker shining down on the valley as the Fourth of July was celebrated under sunny skies.

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