Naselle schools commemorate Veterans Day

<I>MARILYN STRANGE PHOTO</I><BR>Winners of the American Legion Contest, back row left to right: Alexa York, Emily Gudmundsen, Dustin Eaton, Addy Glick, Katie Green, Haley Pine. Front row left to right: Olivia Zimmerman, Abigail Bennett, Emily Gjovik, Sean Roberts, Kendra Leeland, Taylor Eaton.

NASELLE - A program honoring Veterans Day and all veterans of the area was held Wednesday, Nov. 10, in the Naselle-Grays River Valley Schools commons. Students from many different grade levels as well as staff members presented songs and verbal message to the assembly.

The winners of the American Legion poster and essay contest were also announced. They were: 1st place winners - Kendra Leeland, 1st grade, Emily Gjovik, 2nd grade, Addy Glick, 3rd grade, Dustin Eaton, 4th grade; 2nd place winners - Taylor Eaton, 1st grade, Abigail Bennett, 2nd grade, Katie Green, 3rd grade, Alexa York, 4th grade; 3rd place winners - Sean Roberts, 1st grade, Olivia Zimmerman, 2nd grade, Haley Pine, 3rd grade, Emily Gudmundsen, 4th grade.

Veteran Lyle Patterson, retired Naselle educator, delivered the Veterans Day address to the assembled students and veterans.

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