Naselle Science Fair winners announced

Left to right front row: Ray Shotwell, Emily Bjornsgard, Jordan Kochheiser, Tom Shotwell. Back row: Kaelee Dearmore, Toni Mullins, Shelby Leeland and Calen Thompson.

NASELLE - This year's science fair was a tremendous success based on the wide variety of fabulous projects on display in the Naselle School gymnasium last Tuesday evening. The projects ranged from volcanoes erupting with baking soda and vinegar lava, a regular item at science fairs, to projects that haven't been seen before, such as the one demonstrating the production of high energy particles of matter called plasma.

For this year's science fair the judging criteria was revised to refocus on the importance of correctly and fully utilizing the scientific method when doing science experiments. Most students rose to the new set of standards and did a good job with their research.

The winners were: Ray Shotwell (5th), Emily Bjornsgard (2nd), Jordan Kochheiser (1st), Tom Shotwell (5th), Kaelee Dearmore (7th), Toni Mullins (9th), Shelby Leeland (9th) Calen Thompson (8th). Naselle School Science Fair Project Awards Judge's Choice: 1st grade - Jordan Kochheiser, 2nd grade - Emily Bjornsgard, 5th grade - Ray Shotwell, Tom Shotwell, 7th grade - Kaelee Dearmore 8th grade - Calen Thompson Intro. to Physical Science - Toni Mullins, Shelby Leeland. Honor Projects: 1st grade - Kyle Birge, Kaylee McLucas, Tye Johnson 2nd grade - Sean Roberts; 3rd grade - Moncia Galbraith, Olivia Zimmerman, Devin Roberts; 4th grade - Christopher Jewell, Kelsey Kelly, Addy Glick, Keith Reitz; 5th grade - Makenzie Matthews, Dustin Eaton, Nathan Spurbeck, London Woodruff, Alexa York; 6th grade - Tasha Stenvall, Alana Darcher, Rachel Underwood; 7th grade - Haleigh See, Ian Fauver, Nathan Reitz, Gianna Fabiano, Patrick Anderson, Taylor Wasmundt; 8th grade - Nicole Laney, Emily Green, Larry Johnson, Cody Larson, Jesus Martinez. Intro. to Physical Science - Risa Fletcher, Jackie Anderson, Rebecca Rostad, Crystal Neprud, Emma Fauver, Gabe See. Physics - Cheryl Steppe, Kelsey Fletcher, Juanita Gonzalez, Kelsi Nelson, Jenny Klinger, Brad Erickson, Joseph Fletcher, Jeremy Ray.

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