Naselle thermometer climbs above 104°

<I>PHIL RAISTAKKA photo</I><BR>The hot, windy weather has produced excellent haying conditions in the Naselle area. The field above, owned by Walter and Ruth Anderson shows the balance of round bales of hay ready to be hauled to the barn. Norman Sotka of the Eden Valley Sotka Ranch, who is making the hay, reported that there was a very good hay crop this year.

NASELLE - HOT! That is all one needs to know about the weather Naselle and the rest of the western half of the country experienced last week.

While the Naselle temperature climbed into the 90s on Thursday, that was but a preview of Friday's scorcher. The temperature climbed to 104.2 degrees at 2:04 p.m. as recorded by the SchoolNet Weather station at the Naselle schools. The overnight temperature only dropped to 60.7 degrees at 5:24 a.m. Saturday morning.

The high temperature reading was accompanied by low humidity, reaching a low of 13.3 percent at 12:53 p.m. after being as high as 83.4 percent at 4:20 a.m. Friday morning. Once again, there was no rainfall recorded, as only 0.21 of an inch had been recorded in the first 24 days of July.

One of the ironies of Naselle's hot weather was the fact that the 104 degree reading was ten degrees hotter than the 94 which was recorded at the SchoolNet weather station in Quincy. Quincy, why Quincy? That is the closest WeatherNet station to the church camp-out which several Naselle Lutheran Church young people and their chaperones were attending at George. The group had been advised that they would be going to an area with extremely hot weather and it was - on Saturday and Sunday.

The hot weather warning was well placed as the eastern Washington weather became nearly as hot as the western Washington weather had been as the weekend rolled around. "Nature's air conditioner" came through with some marine air which cooled the coastal areas while the extremely hot weather moved inland.

Naselle's high on Saturday was 79 while Quincy reached 97. Sunday, the high local temperature was a comfortable 72.3, with 0.01 of an inch of moisture, while Quincy climbed to 98.9 degrees.

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