PACIFIC COUNTY - Pacific County's Project Life Saver is a "potential lifesaver that will allow agencies to locate people with Alzheimer's Disease, autism or traumatic brain injuries who stray from home," said Pacific County Sheriff John Didion of the device - a bracelet containing a chip that will allow rescuers to locate the person via electronic signals.

Didion said Port of Peninsula (POP) Manager Howard Teague suggested the device be purchased by local agencies last year, but the $8,000 price tag was not in anyone's budget. Now, Pacific County Fire District No. 1, POP, the Ocean Park Chamber of Commerce, PCSO Search and Rescue and the county's emergency management agency have joined in a fund-raising effort to obtain the equipment.

"This is a wonderful opportunity to assist all kinds of people who have issues with wandering family members," Teague said. "This is a situation where the community is getting together to purchase the base units and bracelets."

He said family members will pay only for batteries for the watch-sized bracelets. The batteries will cost about $15 and last 45 to 60 days, depending on use.

Karen Schaffer and Karen Stevens of Ocean Park have been going to businesses and organizations in the county asking for donations to help the Pacific County Volunteer Firefighters Association purchase the devices.

For more information about Project Life Saver, call Stephanie Fritts, the county's emergency management coordinator at 642-9340. A description of the device is at the manufacturer's Web site:


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