New pile-driver set to begin work Nov. 1

New pile-driver set to begin work Nov. 1

PORT OF ILWACO - The Port of Ilwaco's new pile-driver arrived recently and will begin piling work on Nov. 1, according to Harbormaster Jamie Sowers. The 118-foot barge and 50-ton crane was purchased from Johnson Marine in Astoria and was certified last week.

"The port's highest priority with the barge crane is safety," Sowers said. "Since we took possession of the equipment, the crew has made several safety improvements on the advice of the previous owner. The crew also is utilizing ASME B30.8 standards for floating cranes as a guideline for safety requirements."

Last week, LeRoy LaMar and Bill Miller from Arxis, a crane certification company from Kingston, "spent six hours covering every inch of the crane and barge," Sowers said. The crane also was load-tested, she said. "The crane and barge are in good condition and passed the certification."

The port crew will attend a two-day class next month on pile-driving operations and safety, including crane maintenance and safety, rigging and pile-driving, Sowers said. The equipment will be painted and about 13 new safety signs will be placed, warning operators of such dangers as swing radius, avoiding standing under a load and rigging.

Noise levels from the equipment while it's working shouldn't be too bad, Sowers said. "It's a vibrating hammer," she said, "so it shouldn't be any noisier than the dredge when it's working."

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