LONG BEACH — A new business in Long Beach is ready to help you build the house of your dreams, from the floor up.

Buggs’ Floors and More, a floor, kitchen and bath store, has opened at 1619 Pacific Ave. in Long Beach.

Owner Ray Bonney officially opened the business in late November, with employees Steve Virnig and Antonia Robles-Virnig helping run the store day to day.

“If you’re building or remodeling a house, you can come in here and pick out all your flooring, countertops, cabinets and tile,” Virnig said Dec. 21.

Durable flooring

The inventory inside the store was chosen based on decades of home and commercial construction, items ideal for withstanding the harsh elements of the Pacific Northwest.

“We basically kind of tried to design the store for beach houses, something that’s going to hold up a long time. We intentionally stock stuff that’s the most durable,” Virnig said.

Virnig considers the business a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your waterproof LVPs (luxury vinyl plank) and hardwoods.

“One product we’re proud of is our Coretec. They were basically the innovators in luxury vinyl plank (LVP). They’re the ones who started making everything waterproof,” Virnig said.

The store intends to have a website up soon, including a computer program that will allow customers to view items in their home virtually before making a final selection.

“If you take pictures of the interior of your home, we can super impose woods to your picture, your backsplash, your cabinets. You can see everything virtually,” Virnig said. “Basically, all you need to do is take a picture with your cell phone. Then they’ll be able to pick out this or that flooring, cabinet, backsplash or countertop.”

Custom cabinet and counter options include marble, quartz and granite in an array of colors.

“You can have any custom cabinet built,” Virnig said.

A backroom contains doors, trim, decking, paint and tool rental equipment, from tile saws to tapping blocks, for the do-it-yourself customers.

Low prices, deep stock

The business buys building materials in bulk to cut prices while storing the excess at a warehouse along Sandridge Road, Virnig said, allowing for immediate delivery without logistical delays. The store prides itself in providing a better product at a price bigger box stores can’t beat.

“We’ve priced all our stuff to beat the big box stores. Not only can we beat their prices, but we sell a better product. For example, Home Depot Lifeproof (vinyl flooring) has a 6 mil wear layer and the stuff we sell for 20 cents cheaper has a 15 mil wear layer, which is more than double,” he said.

Over the past 20 years, Virnig has seen changes and advancements in building materials and paints.

“A lot is green-based and low VOC (volatile organic compounds),” he said, adding that he specializes in kitchen and bath remodels. “I like the satisfaction of a remodel, the transformation and just seeing the look on the customer faces after the job is complete and professionally done.”

Business has been brisk over their first few weeks, including flooring projects at Drop Anchor Seafood and Grill, new offices for Willapa Bay Behavoral Health and current improvements at the physical therapy building in Ilwaco.

Bob ‘Buggs’ Bonney

The name of the business, Buggs’ Flooring and More, was inspired by Ray’s father, the late Bob ‘Buggs’ Bonney, who passed in February 2020 at age 85. Bob started B&J Construction with John Hanselman, with Bob becoming the sole owner later. When Ray joined the business, it became BJ&R Construction.

“The building that the store is in was my dad’s,” Ray said. “It was the original building for B&J Construction [which became BJ & R] when my dad had the business that I eventually became partner in. He passed away in February and left the building to me. It was something we had together when we were working. When he did that it gave me an opportunity to put this together because now I had a spot. It’s been about a year in the making putting it all together.”

The ‘Buggs’ nickname is grounded in peninsula history.

“The name Buggs was inspired by a nickname my dad had years ago,” Ray said. “Mary Lou, who had Mary Lou’s Tavern [now Castaway’s Seafood Grille] used to call him ‘Buggs’ Bonney, and the old timers knew him as ‘Buggs’.”

The idea to eventually open a store that complimented the construction business was always part of the plan, according to Ray. The store will help address material and coordination issues that have plagued peninsula construction in the past.

“We’ve been doing construction since I was a kid and always thought of doing something that would tie in with construction,” Ray said. “I would really like to supply contractors just to make it better for them, because I know how hard it’s been for me over the past 30 years to get a floor done, get tile or procure the carpeting on a job. We’re now going to have that service.”

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