South District Court ReportILWACO - The following cases were scheduled in the South Pacific County District Court for actions shown.

Oct. 15, 2002

Arraignment - DWLS 3rd degree, Michael Edward Brenot; DFTA, B/W, $1,000.

Arraignment - no valid operating license, without identification, Frank E. Brumit Jr.; DFTA, B/W, $250.

Arraignment - DWLS 3rd degree, Darren D. Davis; DFTA, judge to read defendant's letter.

Arraignment - recreational fishing 2nd degree, Patrick Wayne Fisk; DFTA, B/W, $350.

Arraignment - two counts of recreational fishing 2nd degree, Jennifer E. Jiroch; guilty, $100.

Arraignment - DUI, Dan Benjamin Moravec; def. to hire attorney, PT 11/27, JT 01/02.

Arraignment - recreational fishing 2nd degree, Larry James Pace; pd bail forfeiture.

Arraignment - DWLS 3rd degree, Trinidy James Richardson; reduced to NVOL, $75.

Arraignment - two counts of recreational fishing 2nd degree, Henry H. Snell; guilty, $75.

Arraignment - DUI, David Bronson Warner; not of app filed, DFTA, B/W ordered.

Arraignment - possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, Robert D. Warriner; pd apptd, PT 11/20, JT 12/18.

Oct. 16

Sentencing - DWLS 3rd degree, Joshua Paul Galovin; red. to no valid operator's license, $100, 90/90.

Review hearing - DUI, Vance L. Gillette; 30 days in jail, begin 11/01/02 unless complied.

Sentencing - DWLS 3rd degree, Roman David Mirelez; red. to no valid operator's license, $100, 90/90.

Review hearing - recreational fishing 2nd degree, Gladys Jean Schreiner; dismissed.

Show cause - DUI, Jason Alan West; def. pros. revoked, $1,005, 365/335.

In custody - DUI, Daniel Anderson; bail set $2,500, PT 11/13, JT 12/11.

Probable cause - simple assault 4th degree, Guy Burns; judge finds probable cause for arrest.

Pre-trial - theft of cable service, Scott Jenkins; PT set for 11/13.

Pre-trial - minor in possession and/or consumption, Cedric Eugene Bruns; dismissed.

Pre-trial - minor in possession and/or consumption, Amy L. Bunch; s.o.c. 12 months, $150.

Pre-trial - DUI, DWLS 3rd degree, Jose Cervantez Isquierdo; DUI reduced to neg. driving 1st degree, $750. DWLS cont. to license 01/15/02.

Pre-trial - DWLS 3rd degree, Daniel R. Cox; FTA, B/W, $250.

Pre-trial - DUI, Olessya Dolgilyova; jury trial 11/21/02.

Plea hearing - DUI, Patricia Day Erlbeck; guilty to reduced charge of neg. driving 1st degree, $750, 90/88, alcohol eval.

Review hearing - DUI, Scot S. Haines; decision pending.

Pre-trial - DUI, Devona L. Jones; FTA, B/W, $1,000.

Plea hearing - recreational fishing 2nd degree, Chanh Trung Le; bail forfeiture $100.

Plea hearing - two counts of recreational fishing 2nd degree, Chanh Trung Le; bail forfeited 1st count, $200, bail forfeited 2nd count, $250.

Sentencing - DWLS 3rd degree, Anthony Scott Phelps; sent. cont. to 10/23.

Pre-trial - two counts of recreational fishing 2nd degree; Charles Eugene Robbins; bail forfeiture $200.

Pre-trial - DUI, DWLS 3rd degree, Thomas A. Singer; still on for trial.

Pre-trial - DWLS 3rd degree, Carter Walter Strever; cont. for license 01/15/03.

Pre-trial - DUI, Helen Louise Tiemens; still on for jury trial.

Pre-trail - minor in possession and/or consumption, Shane Lee Valles; s.o.c. 12 months, $150.

Arraignment - DUI, David Warner; plea is not guilty, PT 11/25, JT 12/16.

Jury trial - disorderly conduct, obstructing law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, Patrick Richard Cameron; jury verdict - disorderly conduct, guilty, $500, 90/88, obstructing, not guilty, resisting, not guilty.

Abbreviation Key

00/00 days sentenced/days suspended

BW Bench warrant

DP Deferred Prosecution

DUI Driving under influence

DWLS Driving while license suspended

FTA Failure to appear

JT Jury trial

MIP Minor in possession

NVOL No valid operators license

PD Public defender

PT Pre-trial

SOC Stipulated order of continuance

Jail Booking ReportThe following people were arrested and booked into the Pacific County Jail in South Bend between Oct. 10 and Oct. 17:

Daniel Alfred Anderson II - warrant for failure to comply.

Rodney Roland Barker - hold for other agency.

Guy Wayne Burns - fourth degree assault.

David Allen Cushman - third degree rape of a child.

Male Juvenile Offender - minor operating a vehicle after alcohol consumption; second degree DWLS.

Traci Renee Frank - hold for other agency.

Bret Leroy Hatton - two warrants for failure to appear.

Anthony Jay Johnson - offense not listed.

Paul J. Kinder - possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver; two warrants for failure to appear.

Clay Langley Mullins - possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver; possession of drug paraphernalia; six counts of possession of a dangerous weapon.

Michael Hayden Neal - driving under the influence of intoxicants.

John Albert Ryan - delivery of marijuana.

Siegfried John Schaeler - harassment; fourth degree assault; interfering with a domestic violence report; third degree child assault.

Paul Bruce Scott - violation of controlled substance law.

PACE Nutrition Menu Delicious sit-down meals are served Monday through Friday at noon at PACE-Nutrition, 152 First Avenue N., Ilwaco.

Wednesday, Oct. 23 - Turkey stroganoff, veggie blend, tossed salad, pudding

Thursday, Oct. 24 - Sausage egg bake, tater tots, fruit cup, muffin

Friday, Oct. 25 - Chicken, spuds and gravy, green beans, jello salad, cake

Monday, Oct. 28 - Macaroni and cheese, spinach, tossed salad, fruit cup

Tuesday, Oct. 29 - Sweet & sour meatballs, veggie blend, rice, cole slaw, pudding

Wednesday, Oct. 30 - Chicken pot pie, veggie blend, jello salad, fruit cup

The menu can change without notice, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Every meal includes bread or roll with choice of butter or margarine, and coffee, tea or milk. Sugar-free desserts are available.

No cost to seniors age 60 and older; however, a $2 donation is suggested for those who can afford to pay. Seniors younger than age 60 pay $4.50. Meals-On-Wheels delivered to homebound seniors age 60 and older who qualify, call 642-3378.

PACE-Nutrition welcomes all food donations except home canned goods. The success of our program, in fact, depends on the food and cash donations we receive from individuals and businesses in the community. If you'd like to help provide low cost meals to seniors with donations of food or cash, or learn more about the program, call 642-3378.

Pacific County Fire Run ReportFriday, Oct. 11

3:51 a.m. - breathing difficulty; "O" Lane

4:03 a.m. - medical assist; "N" Place

1:49 p.m. - general illness; Bay Avenue

Saturday, Oct. 12

8:55 a.m. - breathing difficulty; 234th Lane

11:07 a.m. - burn complaint; Vernon Avenue

7:02 p.m. - abdominal pain; "V" Street

Sunday, Oct. 13

1:58 a.m. - motor vehicle accident; Lake Street

11:24 a.m. - medical assist; 270th Street

10:54 p.m. - gunshot wound; Vernon Avenue

11:00 p.m. - chest pain; "J" Place

Monday, Oct. 14

6:14 a.m. - breathing difficulty; "K" Place

9:30 a.m. - fall patient; "L" Place

5:34 p.m. - medical assist; "P" Street

8:06 p.m. - overdose; 217th Lane

Tuesday, Oct. 15

7:15 a.m. - general illness; "U" Street

8:21 a.m. - medical assist; 275th Place

10:56 a.m. - unresponsive person; Pacific Way

3:40 p.m. - burn complaint; Sandridge Road

4:47 p.m. - medical assist; 275th Place

5:07 p.m. - suicide attempt; Douglas Drive

5:32 p.m. - cardiac arrest; 253rd Lane

7:19 p.m. - burn complaint; 285th Street

Wednesday, Oct. 16

4:05 p.m. - seizure; 270th Street

6:54 p.m. - burn complaint; Stackpole Road

Thursday, Oct. 17

6:36 a.m. - fall patient; 222nd Place

8:17 p.m. - laceration; 225th Lane

Pacific County Job BoardWorkSource Affiliate - Long Beach 642-6213

The following jobs are currently available:

Nurse aide, bartender, hand packager, housekeeper, waiter/waitress, hardware/retail clerk, caregivers, cooks, fish processor, hostess, janitor, crab shaker.

The next workshop in Long Beach will be "Interviewing" on Oct. 24 at 10 a.m.

WorkSource Pacific County/South Bend (360) 875-4090

The following jobs are currently available:

Oyster opener, sales clerk, office administrator, counter person, housekeeper, log truck driver, slot supervisor tech, pizza dough maker, process operator, truck mechanic.

The next workshop in South Bend will be "Interviewing" on Oct. 24 at 9 a.m.

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