NHS seniors observe surgery at Ocean Beach Hospital

NHS seniors observe surgery at Ocean Beach Hospital

ILWACO - Naselle High School seniors, Lucy Rubio and Tiffany Pauly, observed a hernia surgery at Ocean Beach Hospital Tuesday. The young ladies are part of the Community Resource Training program at NHS.

Ocean Beach surgical nurse, Mary Thorsen, helps coordinate the opportunity for NHS students to be in the operating room for surgeries, which requires a patient's permission.

"I really want to be a surgical nurse after seeing this," Pauly explained. "It was really cool. I learned a lot."

"Tiffany didn't have any problems, but I was a little nervous at first," Rubio said. After stepping away from the OR for a breather, Rubio returned. "The doctor (Dr. Ed Duret) was very informative and had a great sense of humor."

The hour and 45-minute procedure was performed with Dr. Duret, two surgical nurses, another nurse, the anesthesiologist, the two senior observers, and the patient, a 28-year-old female.

"We learned some hospitals will pay for your education if you agree to go to work for them for a period of time," Pauly related. Rubio summed up the experience by saying, "This was really exciting - I can't believe we were able to be so close to what was happening."

At least six other NHS students are waiting in the wings for an opportunity to observe in the OR, thanks to Thorsen, the surgical team at OBH, and to patients who are willing to allow this educational experience to happen.

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