OLYMPIA - On Monday, Nov. 22, four Knowledge Bowl teams from Naselle traveled to the Evergreen State College in Olympia to participate in an Educational Service District #113 knowledge bowl meet.

Naselle Team 1 placed first overall while the Naselle Team Medieval Warlords placed 5th overall (just missing a 3-way tie for third place by one point). Naselle Team 1 is composed of Doug Wise, Sarah Dotson, Richard

Smith, and Colby Engelson. The Medieval Warlords team is composed of Katie Klinger, Carl Fredrickson, Brad Erickson, David Gradt, and Gavin Maxwell.

The Naselle Comets Team consisting of Jenny Klinger, Caitlin McGuire, Stephanie Wise, Kelsi Nelson, Sandra Rodriguez, and Erin Saari placed 19th overall while the Naselle Team Anonymous consisting of Kevin Schei, Garrick Bennett, and Lindsay Smith placed 32nd overall.

The teams from Naselle competed against 44 teams from Hoquiam, Elma, Ocosta, Montesano, North Beach, South Bend, Willapa Valley, Wishkah, and Taholah. In all, 21 teams competed from B schools, seven from A schools and 16 from AA schools.

Teams consisting of as many as six players compete in a 60 question oral round and in four 45-question oral rounds. During the oral rounds, three power matched teams compete against each other in a room. The first team to buzz in on a question gets the first opportunity to answer. No more than four team members at a time can participate in the oral rounds. At the end of the written round and four orals rounds, the top three teams square off against each other in a final round.

On Monday, the Naselle Medieval Warlords found themselves in a three-way tie for fifth place at the end of the regulation rounds before winning a three-way tie-breaker to claim fifth place. Naselle Team 1 competed against teams from Hoquiam and Ocosta in the final round. Naselle Team 1 scored 14 points in the final 45 question oral round while Ocosta placed second with seven points and Hoquiam placed third with six points. This is the fourth consecutive knowledge bowl regular season meet victory claimed by a Naselle team.

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