RAYMOND - Remember when your grandparents told you how they walked 10 miles to school in five feet of snow? How they pumped well water for drinking, washing, and bathing. Did you ever wonder if they were pulling your leg?

The Northwest Carriage Museum invites you to join in an exploration of the life skills of yesteryear. Special guests from Fort Nisqually will show you the lifestyle of children a century ago. Play 19th century games, scrub clothes in a washtub, try your hand at making butter, learn how to turn wool into yarn, and test your skills on iron puzzles.

Watch special guest, blacksmith Rob Lewis, make tools and fit a steel wheel rim onto a wagon wheel. Raymond's own Dr. Diane Pinkers will teach about spinning and how to turn lambs wool into yarn and clothing.

The fun begins Saturday, July 9, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Northwest Carriage Museum is located on Alder Street, in Raymond, next to the Public Market and Seaport Museum. There is no admission charge for this event, your day is free! Call 942-4150 for more information.

Campfire Programs

at Cape D State Park

Nightly at Waikiki Beach Amphitheater -

Wednesday July 6th - "The History of Fire," 7 p.m.

Thursday July 7th - "The Top Ten Myths of Lewis and Clark"

Friday July 8th - Special Guest Geoff McMichael: "Juvenile Salmon Tracking: survival rates from Bonneville to the Pacific," 9 p.m.

Saturday July 9th - "A Quest for the Continent's Edge: The Story of Meriweather Lewis," 9 p.m.

Sunday July 10th "Close Calls of the Lewis and Clark Expedition", 7 PM

Monday July 11th "Graveyard of the Pacific", 9:30 PM

Tuesday July 12th "The Place Names of Cape Disappointment", 9:30 PM

The public is invited to attend these programs, campers and non-campers alike.

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