Case No (s): DPA# 12113385124; PL# 12-0220LB

Description of Proposal: The applicants are requesting a variance to Section 22.I.j.e and 22.I.l.2 of Pacific County Land Use Ordinance #153. Section 22.I.j.e governs the height requirements for new wireless communication facilities and Section 22.I.I.2 governs setback requirements for new wireless communication facilities. Specifically, the applicants are proposing to construct a new 150’ tall monopole-type wireless communication tower with an associated equipment shelter within a 60’ x 60’ lease area. The 150’ tall tower will be located approximately 129’ from the north property line and approximately 128’ from the south property line.

Proponent(s): Bill Powell, VAW LLC on behalf of Verizon Wireless, applicants, and Geraldine McDaneld, property owner.

Location of Proposal: Subject property is located at 25502 “U” Street, Ocean Park, Washington and is described as Lot 4 of Short Plat No. 85-12, located within Section 33, Township 12 North, Range 11 West, W.M. in Pacific County, Washington.

Lead Agency: Pacific County. The Variance Permit(s) will be considered for approval by the Pacific County Board of Adjustment during a public hearing scheduled for the Pacific County Administrative Building, Long Beach, Washington, at the hour of 3:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as possible on Wednesday, April 3, 2013.

Interpreters for people with hearing impairments or taped information for people with visual impairments can be provided at these public hearings if necessary. However, a request for this type of service must be received by the Pacific County Department of General Administration ten (10) days before the meeting; Contact: Pacific County Department of General Administration, P.O. Box 6, South Bend, WA 98586, or (360) 642-9334.

Responsible Official: Mike Stevens, Senior Planner. Phone: (360) 642-9382. Address: 7013 Sandridge Road, Long Beach, WA 98631

Published March 20, 2013

Legal No. 105-13

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