OCEAN PARK — Ocean Park area residents have waited with varying degrees of endurance and patience for the reopening of their Ocean Park Timberland Library. They’ve waited long enough. Now, after an expansion that practically doubles the size of the library, the building opens to the public at 10 a.m., Tuesday, Dec. 18, revealing a whole new vista to visitors.

    Choose a doorway and explore. People can now enter the library from the north side of the building as well as the south side. Both entryways are served by a large, well-lit addition to the parking lot. Whichever entrance they use, the first thing they’ll notice is how much bigger and lighter their library has become. No longer congested, the floor space is now expanded from 3,240 to 5,932 square feet and the whole interior looks and feels wide open.

    Thanks to the Friends of the Ilwaco and Ocean Park Timberland Libraries’ contribution of $70,000, new lighting will make the contents of the shelves easier to read and the aisles easier to navigate. The donation also covered some of the new shelving.

    Visitors will be welcomed with new spaces and all new furnishings. Larger, comfortable seating areas will encourage people to linger for reading and conversation. A separate area just for teens and more room for the children have been created. Windows in the seating areas in the back of the expansion offer natural light and views of the woods. The spaciousness of the library’s interior is enhanced by a high, vaulted ceiling, a fresh coat of warm off-white paint, and new carpet throughout.

    Right along with residents, library staff members are eager to be in their transformed library. “We’re sky-high, over the moon,” said Ocean Park Library Manager Iver Matheson. “Watching the crew during construction has been exciting, but it really hit us in the past couple of weeks.”

    The address of the Ocean Park Timberland Library is 1308 256th Place, Ocean Park. For more information, contact the library at 665-4184 when the building reopens, or go to www.TRL.org.

    Two public restrooms will be now be available, not just one. A larger staff workroom for processing and handling library items will allow staff to serve the public with greater efficiency. A new checkout and information desk will be installed in January. In the vision for the future, but not yet funded, is a patio outside the addition. A grand opening celebration will be held in February.

    Construction was completed by the Holmberg Company from Kirkland. The architect is Frank Densmore of the Olympia-based Archos Corporation.

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