NASELLE - October 2007 was a "W" weather month: Wet, windy and warm, as recorded at the Naselle Hatchery.

The month was the wettest October in the last ten years as 14.56 inches was caught in the hatchery rain gauge, well above the 25 year average of 10.06 inches for the month.

The modern all-time wettest October occurred in 1997 when 20.10 inches was recorded. Conversely, the lowest October rainfall was in 1987 when only 0.56 of an inch was measured.

Not only was the month a wet one with eight days seeing more than an inch of rainfall recorded in a 24 hour period, there were also several days with fairly intense wind. A high wind gust of 46 mph was recorded at Sotka's Eden Valley Ranch on Oct. 18, as several storms blew in off the ocean during the month. But it was also a generally warm month as there were seven days with temperatures in the 70s with a high of 79 on Oct. 24.

There were also 12 days when the mercury climbed into the 60s. As a reminder that fall and winter were on the way, the temperature dropped below freezing on seven nights with lows of 28 recorded on Oct. 26 and 31.

Even with all of the rainfall, there were still 10 days when no precipitation was recorded. Seven of those dry days occurred during the last nine days of the month which closed with several dry warm days and dry cool nights. The days of the heaviest rainfall were dispersed through much of the early part of the month with heavy rainfall recorded on one day during the first week of the month, three days in the second week and four days in the third week. During that last storm, a monthly high of 2.17 inches of rain fell on Oct. 17 and it rained quite steadily for the next three days with 7.30 inches recorded in a five day period.

The month's rainfall brought the yearly total, through 10 months, to 78.34 inches of precipitation. That total is slightly ahead of last year's pace which saw over 126 inches recorded for the year 2006. That high total came about largely due to the more than 50 inches of rain which fell during November and December a year ago. That total was well above the two month's average of about 37 inches for those two months.

A repeat of that deluge could put 2007 into the above average category, but well below the yearly rainfall record of 144.35 inches which was recorded in 1999.

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