OCEAN PARK - The Pacific County Sheriff's Office arrested Glenn Alvin DeHart, 33, of Ocean Park for first-degree murder just before 1 p.m. on Friday.

About 12 hours earlier, at 12:17 a.m., the body of Ronald J. Burt, 40, also of Ocean Park, was found beside State Route 103 at 251st Street.

DeHart was arrested following an investigation. His arraignment is this Friday.

Pacific County Sheriff John Didion said he utilized his entire south county detachment to solve the murder case, in the initial investigation of the crime scene and contacting residentsand following up leads. "They worked all night," Didion said. Deputies Pat Matlock and Rick Goodwin were called in at 8 a.m. and focused their efforts on the initial investigation.

"We had outstanding cooperation from the community," Didion said. "They came forward with information that allowed us to make an arrest before 1 p.m.This wouldn't have beenpossible without officers who worked back to back shifts and made an arrest in a little over 12 hours. It was outstanding work."

The sheriff's office has not released any information on how Burt died, or why deputies suspect DeHart. Didion asks anyone with information to call 642-9397 or 875-9397.

Burt graduated from Ilwaco High School in 1981.

"He was always very cheerful as a student," Virgil Burger, retired physical education teacher said of Burt. "Ron was a pleasant person to be around and always a pleasure to have in my class."

Burt's former employer, Larkin Stentz of Green Angel Gardening, said "Ron was a wonderful human being. He was a conscientious and hard worker. He loved nature and enjoyed the beauty around him."

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