Our Peninsula: 'It's about painting'


"The Northwest Art Rendezvous II," a gathering of artists, including locals and those from New York, Minnesota, Arkansas and Mexico, hosted by Carolyn Niemeyer-Weiss of Mexico, began Sunday on the Peninsula.

Throughout the week, 13 artists will be painting at a number of scenic spots on the Peninsula, from Cape Disappointment State Park to Oysterville. On Saturday, beginning at 1 p.m., the artists will show their work at the Loading Dock at the Port of Ilwaco.

Niemeyer-Weiss said the "truly international event brings community and creative expression together to create a unique experience that the participants will remember forever. It's not about us," she said. "It's about painting." She said the workshops are modeled after a program now in its seventh year at her guest house, Casita Carolina in Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico, that she also hosts.

She said Patti Jacobsen, of Seaview, attended last year's event in Mexico and invited everyone to come to the Peninsula.

"They said yes," Niemeyer-Weiss, originally from Port Angeles, said.

An earlier rendezvous was held in Port Angeles, hence Northwest Rendezvous II.

"When you see us on the streets or at the beach this week, be sure and come on Saturday and see what we've accomplished," she said.

Above, Cedar Kindy, a professional watercolorist from Fayetteville, Ark., works on a scenic painting from a perch amongst the driftwood along Waikiki Beach in Ilwaco last week.

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