Watercolor Seascape/Landscape

1st    North Head Lighthouse & Beyond, Cynthia Pride

2nd    Dune Snowdrift, Eric Wiegardt

3rd    Summer at the Cape, Jean Nitzel

Honorable Mention   BS on the Back Road, Judy Leonard

Watercolor Other

1st     Sleeping Beauty, Cynthia Pride

2nd    Grandpa’s Prize Hogs, Jean Nitzel

3rd    Flotsam the Aftermath, Nancy Lynn Cooper Wavra

Honorable Mention  Dancing Cranes, Joan Taplin    

Acrylic Seascape/Landscape

1st    Spring, Cynthia Keyes

2nd    Baby Island Swans, Judy Leonard

3rd    Ophi Pickers, Aileen Roberts

Acrylic Other

1st    Madame Mermaid, Nancy Beliveau

2nd    Almost Home, Andrea Traphagen

3rd    Night Rider, Andrea Traphagen

Honorable Mention   Buick Eight, Bernie Elliott


1st    Fall, Brigid Byrne

2nd    West Wind in Oysterville, Brigid Byrne

3rd    House of Gold, Nancy Lynn Cooper Wavra

Honorable Mention   Gone Flying, Rose Power

Mixed Media

1st    Shadows of the Past, Joan Taplin

2nd    Gold Rush, Cynthia Keyes


1st    Coat of Scars-Abusive Marriage, Debra L. Kirk


1st    Kaleidoscope #1-the Sun, Debra L. Kirk

2nd    October Morning, Rose Power

3rd    Candle Glow, Linda Lew Rydman


1st    Big Bird, Joyce Wingett

2nd    Serenity by the Sea, Joyce Wingett

3rd    Pansy Bouquet, Joyce Wingett

Honorable Mention   Hallelujah, Cecile Logan


1st    Charles Dickens 1812-1870, Michelle B. Naquaiya

2nd    Walt Whitman 1819-1892, Michele B. Naquaiya

3rd    Fiddle-De-Dee, Michele B. Naquaiya


1st    Fishie, Fishie, Marion Ogle


1st    Hills and Dales, Jan Richardson

2nd    Vase of Flowers, Karen Brownlee

3rd    Untitled-Mask, Debra L. Kirk

Honorable Mention   Platter of Glass, Karen Brownlee


1st    Hear the Ocean, Vickie Branch

2nd    Sea Turtle, Patrick Ogle

Color Photography

1st    Winter Sky, Jim Unwin

2nd    Calla Lily, Dee Reis

3rd    Morning Swim, Bonnie Lou Cozby

Honorable Mention   Out of Service, Nancy Meyrick

Photography Other

1st    Crows’ Glow, Bonnie Lou Cozby

2nd    Doe a Deer, Bonnie Lou Cozby

Photography Black & White

1st    Oysterville Daffodils, Jim Tweedie



1st    Trifecta, Normandie Hand

2nd    Blue Rosemary, E. Bonn-Zimmerman

3rd    Tipping Point II, E. Bonn-Zimmerman

Honorable Mention   Rapture in Blue, Normandie Hand


Decorated Art

1st    Brambles, Andrea Mulkins Weir

2nd    Louie the Crab, Judy Cox

3rd    Family Outing, Judy Cox

Honorable Mention   View Below, Ann Thoreson


1st    Mwanamke (Woman of the Beach), Michael Cox


1st    Helios, the Sun, Normandie Hand

2nd    It Goes with the Couch, Nancy Beliveau


1st    Oranges & Pears & Lemons, Lesther Reese - Drawing

Judges Choice – Best in Show

Coat of Scars-Abusive Marriage, Debra L. Kirk - Collage

People’s Choice

Sleeping Beauty, Cynthia Pride

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