Pacific County Law & Order: A big thanks for Dave Reichert

<I>Contributed photo</I><BR>Pacific County Sheriff John Didion last week presented an award to U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert, who has been a great supporter of law enforcement since his days as King County sheriff.

There has been so much bad news and terrible events these past few months that this week I've decided to make the entire column "Caught Doing Something Good."

Last week in my role as the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC) President I was honored to present our association's highest award to a longtime friend, Congressman Dave Reichert. We wanted to recognize Dave for his continuing hard work for the public safety of our citizens. I first met Dave when he was the King County sheriff and served as the president of our sheriff's association. Back then he had led an effort to procure federal funds to help us fight the growing scourge of meth labs. We met as sheriffs and through Dave's leadership those funds were distributed to all counties, not just the large ones.

A few years ago our small agency was overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of a triple homicide. We asked for help from our law enforcement partners across the state. Once more, Sheriff Reichert led the way with allowing a team of his experienced detectives to assist our officers with evidence gathering at the crime scene. Through the hard work of our local police, bolstered by officers from many other agencies, we gained a conviction and closure on a tragedy in our county.

Over his years in Congress, Dave has always remained engaged with the public safety community across our state. After the award ceremony we sat down and went right to work on helping WASPC secure federal monies to support a study of assaults on law enforcement officers over the past 10 years in Washington. Our goal is to highlight warning signs that might help officers prevent these incidents. It was great to work on a project together again.

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