I've been looking over our Patrol Operations Report for 2007 and thought that you might be interested in some of the data compiled by Undersheriff Ron Clark in our annual report.

Calls for Service

? Total 8,536

? South County 5,666

? North County 2,870

Citations Written

? Total 719

? South County 287

? North County 432

(Includes criminal, traffic and infractions)

Cases Sent to Prosecutor

? Total 658

? South County 389

? North County 269

Civil Paper Services

? Total attempted and completed 1,280 (average of 106.6 per month)

Reserve Hours

? Total 1,315.25 by eight reserve deputies


? Search Warrants

? 23 served locally and regionally

? Raymond 2

? Ocean Park 2

? Long Beach 8

? Seaview 1

? Ilwaco 2

? Clatsop County, Ore. 4

? Wahkiakum County 1

? Grays Harbor County 3

? Cowlitz Co. arrest warrant sweep

Total Arrests and Dispositions

? 46 arrests

? 153 chargeable felonies


County Jail Prison System 12 months 19 8 5 5 4 8 8 1 Total 36 22 Dismissed by prosecutor: 13

Marijuana Eradication Unit

? 9 growing operations in Pacific Co.

? Assist Wahkiakum Co. with one grow

Estimated Street Value of Drugs Seized by PACNET

? $1,605,084 (Calculated with estimated values provided by the Western States Information Network)

Seizures/Forfeiture Totals

? $3,757 cash

? 8 vehicles

? 1 residence

A few weeks ago I gave you our Uniform Crime Report (UCR) statistics that track felonies. Here's a sample of some of the other calls we responded to and their frequencies in 2007.

? 911 hang up 308

? Agency assist 676

? Audible alarm 226

? "Other" alarm 129

? Animal problem 192

? Citizen assist 295

? Civil dispute 219

? Violation of court order 102

? Unattended death 122

? Disorderly conduct 209

? Domestic violence 200

? DWI 108

? Vandalism 161

? Narcotics complaint 131

? Traffic Accident (property damage) 186

? Traffic Accident (injuries) 94

? Shots fired 97

? Suspicious person/circumstances 681

? Traffic hazard 242

? Criminal trespass 171

? Vehicle prowl 106

? Welfare check 239

? Wanted person 96

Taken with our UCR statistics, these numbers give you a scope of the work done by our patrol deputies. Realize that each complaint usually requires contact and interviews with victims, suspects and witnesses. Evidence must be gathered, preserved and reports written. Additional supplementary reports sometimes are required with a case sent to the Prosecutor's Office. If the case is not plea-bargained away, court time is also necessary in order for the officer to testify at trial.

I hope this data gives you a clearer picture of the wide range and frequency of calls for service that our deputies deal with daily throughout the year.

In reviewing the data, several observations may be made. The South County has a much higher call volume, sends more cases to the prosecutor and writes far fewer traffic citations. Interpreting the numbers, a South County deputy spends more time actually responding to calls, investigating and preparing cases to be referred to the prosecutor and has less time for engaging in targeted traffic enforcement. Our North County deputies don't have the call volume issues so have a little more time to focus on county traffic complaints.

The amount of civil paper services is rising yearly. It is a mandated duty of the sheriff to serve and execute court orders and you can see how much of an impact it has on our shift time. Baliff duties in the district and superior courts also are requiring more and more officer time.

Without adequate patrol staffing we are forced into always playing catch-up. Pre-emptive patrol is virtually extinct. I am being forced to consider some drastic changes to our patrol function, sacrificing coverage and response to some types of calls in order to gain investigative focus for more serious felonies.

In past years I have asked larger agencies (county, state and federal) for assistance in major cases. I cannot continue to bank on outside help or we will become dependent on it. Our Sheriff's Office needs to be a Pacific County funding priority so that we are not at the mercy of bigger government assistance. It's great when we can get it, but it's a slippery slope to build a public safety foundation on.

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