Superior Court hearings:

Michael Pedrazzetti, of Raymond, indicated to the court that he has accepted the state’s plea offer to plead guilty to two counts of delivery of methamphetamine and possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine and serve a nine-year prison sentence, followed by 12 months of community custody whereby he will be required to complete drug treatment. Pedrazzetti is next scheduled to appear on Oct. 11, to enter his plea, and on Oct. 25, for sentencing.

Christopher Shaw, of Ocean Park, entered a guilty plea to second-degree assault, an offense that is counted toward the state’s three-strikes law, in the assault of a fellow inmate at the Pacific County Jail. Shaw struck another inmate and broke his nose. Shaw was sentenced to six months in custody and 12 months of community custody.

Joseph A. Garza, of Forks, entered a guilty plea to possession of methamphetamine. He was sentenced under a first-time offender waiver sentence which authorizes chemical dependency treatment and up to 90-days in jail; he received an agreed sentence of 30 days, followed by a year of chemical-dependency treatment.

Dale P. Jones, of Ocean Park, entered a guilty plea to attempting to elude police vehicles and negligent driving in the first degree.

Michael A. Brock, of Long Beach, had previously entered a guilty plea to possession of methamphetamine, which was aggravated by having recently been released from custody. Brock had requested a Drug Offender Sentencing Alternative (DOSA), which would have allowed him to serve up to six months in a residential treatment facility, followed by community custody. “I opposed his request and asked the court to sentence Mr. Brock to 18 months in prison followed by 12 months of community custody because Mr. Brock had been on probation through the Department of Corrections at the time of his offense,” said Chief Deputy Prosecutor Mark McClain. “While drug treatment is appropriate in certain cases, too often it is a request for a lighter sentence, rather than a true desire for treatment,” McClain added and said, “I was pleased that the judge agreed with the sentence.”

Patrick Gatens, of Naselle, entered a guilty plea to second-degree assault while armed with a firearm and first-degree possession of a firearm. Gatens was sentenced to 51 months in prison. “Mr. Gatens was in a dispute with his stepson and his friend and when they would not leave the home, Mr. Gatens pulled the power from the home, which, apparently, heightened the argument and Mr. Gatens retrieved a firearm and fired what he later described to be a warning shot,” said Chief Deputy Prosecutor Mark McClain. “While the victim later asked that the state not pursue charges, we could not abide by the conduct and the unlawful possession of a firearm,” McClain added and further said, “Mr. Gatens will be required to complete anger management as part of his 18-month community custody sentence which will follow the prison sentence and he seems truly regretful for his conduct.”

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