July 4, 1952 - Actress Ann Blyth Meets Big Frypan. Frypan manager Jack Smith, using Palmer Biggness's truck, had Long Beach's big pan on the job in Portland on schedule Wednesday morning, with Chef Wellington W. Marsh in cap and apron, and Actress Ann Blyth alongside, to get the Alaska Sourdough celebration off to a good start, Ann and Wellington are pictured in Thursday morning's Oregonian sharing flips of the pancakes served to hundreds of people. Aug. 8 - Long Beach city dads, after accepting Mayor Geo. J. Buri's resignation, with much regret expressed by all, Monday night, councilman Ted Lentz was elected to fill Buri's unexpired term which runs until the election of 1954. Jan. 2, 1953 - Deaths. Adolph Riiho, 70, owner of a Loomis lake resort and a resident of this area since 1933, passed away Dec. 26, 1962, and graveside services were held in Ilwaco cemetery ... Mr. Riiho was born in Mantta, Finland, July 5, 1882 and came out to Canada in 1911, to Minnesota in 1916 working in a paper mill there; to Oakland, Calif., with his wife in 1917, and in 1918 to Svenson, Ore. where he worked in the shipyards and later moved to the Peninsula in 1933. April 3, 1953 - Washington tax commission issued a reminder to residents of the Pacific county area recently that those who buy appliances, television sets and other merchandise from Oregon dealers are liable for a 3% use tax if no retail sales tax was paid at the time of purchase. This tax must be paid by the user direct to the tax commission. The reminder was issued as a result of a survey which showed that many persons have recently purchased merchandise, particularly electrical appliances and television sets, from Oregon firms in the belief that they were saving the sales tax. Oregon dealers cannot be required to collect the retail sales tax imposed by the state of Washington unless they also have a place of business in this state. ... The tax was enacted to prevent out of state firms from having an unfair competitive advantage over local merchants. May 1, 1953 - A number of Peninsula people plan going to Astoria this week-end for an exhibit of Charles Mulvey's water color paintings, which will be open to the public Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Alderbrook Community House, 45th and Lief Erickson Drive, from 2 to 10 p.m. ... The exhibit will consist of 25 water colors, of local scenes, land and sea-scapes, with one view of the Willamette Valley. Mulvey has been painting for fifteen years, and received his art training at Art Center School, Los Angeles. He has a very active class in art on the Peninsula, and has just completed one series of lessons in Astoria covering the past six months. A second group will complete a series in July. The Mulveys have lived in Seaview since 1947; this exhibition in Astoria will be Mulvey's first public showing, and it is hoped many of his Peninsula friends and admirers will attend.

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