Aug. 20 1954 - Stage Set to Evacuate Ilwaco and Chinook ... In Case Coulee Dam Went Out, It Is Believed Ilwaco, Chinook Would Have 20-Ft. Flood ... Peninsula district "Operation Floodout" officials are all set for the simulated destruction of Coulee dam which is scheduled for next Monday. A defense coordinators' meeting was held here Tuesday with Don Gillies, Pacific County civilian defense director, Mayor Norman A. Howerton, Ilwaco Peninsula coordinator; Nic Hansen and Mel Leback, Chinook ...

Breaching of Coulee dam would turn loose an initial flow of six million cubic feet of water per second and a total release over a period of 24 hours of seven million acre-feet with an average flow during the 24-hour period of 3,530,000 cubic feet per second. The resulting flood crest would be approximately 20 feet above the 1894 flood crest at Vancouver and progressively higher up river to Grand Coulee Dam. The flood crest would remain above the 1894 crest for a period of approximately 24 hours, it was stated ...

Howerton stated the actual evacuation will not take place during this "operation floodout." However, he and other disaster officials of this area have almost completed, on paper, a fast-moving evacuation of all people and food stuffs from Chinook and Ilwaco districts where, in event of Coulee's destruction, around 20 feet of water would stand over main streets after about 69 hours following destruction of the dam. Howerton stated that Peninsula defense officials figure they could have Chinook and Ilwaco completely evacuated in six hours.

Sept. 3, 1954 - Williams Clan Of 98 People Gathered. Wee nine day old Marilyn Jo Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tim Williams of Ilwaco, born in Ilwaco Aug. 20, was the youngest member of the Williams clan to attend the annual gathering of the clan Sunday, Aug. 29, at Fort Columbia state park. There were several members who vied for the honor of being the oldest ... but dates were not disclosed as to whom should have the honor successor to the patriarch of the Williams family, the late Louis D. William of Ilwaco ...

The clan began to gather at noon, with greetings and exhibiting of new babies in the family. At 2 o'clock invocation was given by Rev. Rowland Evan Williams of Portland and at three o'clock, following the dinner, an hour of reminiscences and anecdotes was on tap, with no pre-arranged program. All joined in singing old time songs with Rees B. Williams, leader. Old pictures were inspected and leisurely visiting was the order of the afternoon until dismissal at four o'clock.

Nov. 26, 1954 - Some time ago news went around this area that Oysterville was slated to lose her post office, but word reaching The Observer office this week from Senator Warren G. Magnuson's office stated that Oysterville office is on the safe side for at least the time being ...

S. C. Schwartz, regional manager of the [postal] department at Portland, wrote the senator that there were no plans to discontinue the post offices at Almota, Burley, Dabob, Daisy, Ethel, Frances, Gate, Gifford, Huntsville, Leland, May Biew, Mold Neilton, Oysterville, Synarep and Van Zant.

Dec. 10, 1954 - It was announced this week in a daily press release from Boston, Mass, that Dr. Edwin Espy, native of Oysterville, is one of three men elected to the National Council of Churches.

July 8, 1955 - Detroit, Mich. Stanley R. Hill, Long Beach, today was declared winner of a second place state award in the senior division of an annual car building competition. He received $100. State and regional winners throughout the nation were made this week in Detroit where judging has been in progress for three weeks. This is the fifth year that Hill has entered the Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild contest and each year he won a prize.

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