May 10, 1950 - "The Observer this week received a communication from Mrs. Marie Hamilton who is visiting relatives in New York, and she sent along a clipping from May 7th's New York Times in which was printed, among events of the year, notice of the coming Chinook Salmon Derby Aug. 29-Sept. 4th. Mrs. Hamilton was surprised and delighted to find the notice."

July 28 - "Editorial. C. Gregory of this city grew strawberries this year on his 3-1/2 acres of ground out Doc Hill Road way which could well go down in history as a model crop, and no longer leaves Freewater and Gresham as the kings of strawberryland. Gregory's crop this year really was something to be proud of and his yield could not begin to keep pace with the demand. One store along here sold over four hundred boxes of the berries which were of uniform color, clean and free from rot. They were certainly prize berries, and it is our hope Gregory will continue expanding his acreage."

Oct. 6 - "Since burning of the battered old 'Diner Cars' near 10th street north on Pacific avenue here Sunday afternoon by the Long Beach Volunteer Fire Department, two property owners in the neighborhood praised the action to the town council here Monday night and made contributions of ten dollars each. Mrs. Marie Hamilton and J. W. Grant are the two property owners. The two old cars from the former Peninsula narrow gauge railroad were put on the lots by Mr. and Mrs. Jim Woodworth, former town citizens who planned to operate an eating establishment in the cars, but later gave up the idea, and without proper protection culprits damaged the cars to a high degree, creating an eye-sore which was realized by the Woodworths who generously turned the cars over to the fire department for burning."

Oct. 27 - "Pacific County Civil Defense council needs immediately to know names, addresses, etc. of nurses, nurses' aides, medical assistant, and all those having first aid certificates, especially those who served in the Medical Corps during World War II. The above information will be kept confidential, and those persons volunteering will be called only in time of emergency or disaster in our county."

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