Jan. 15, 1970 • " In an unannounced hearing in Pacific County superior court late last Friday afternoon, Palmer Biggness, Long Beach, former judge of South District Justice court of the county, entered a plea of guilty to a charge of misappropriation of funds by a public official. Judge Frank Price, visiting jurist from Cowlitz county, was on the bench for the proceedings.

"Judge Price prescribed a term of not more than 15 years in a state institution for Biggness but suspended the sentence. As part of the probation, the former judge is to serve a nine-month term in the Pacific county jail in South Bend and make restitution of $2,680.78 declared to have been misappropriated, plus $1,500 in auditing costs incurred by the state."- Aberdeen World

June 26 • "Ocean Beach School District and Long Beach Volunteer Fire Department both rate $10,000 each in the $40,000 estate left by Mrs. Gilbert (Cassie) Knott of Long Beach."

Aug. 21 • "Most of Monday night's Long Beach council meeting was spent discussing a likelihood of from 40 to 50 thousand rock group people coming into this Long Beach area for the coming Labor Day holidays. In opposition to the prospective visitors, Pacific County Commissioners and city officials are using every means to discourage the huge crowd from 'pouring in' on the area; a visit of such magnitude would swell the population more than three times the entire County's population. ...

"The county commission is strictly against any of the big rock hippie groups as there are no facilities for handling sanitation problems. The coming of the rockers seems to be a pretty much of a hearsay matter."

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