March 24, 1972 • "Superintendent Louis Reis reported to the Observer at 11 a.m. Thursday that a bomb threat was called into Ilwaco High School. The caller said that a bomb had been placed in one of the buses. Reis had [the] buses brought into the shop to be checked. No other information was available before press time."

March 31 • "Local law enforcement authorities and school bus drivers made a thorough check of all Ocean Beach buses after a bomb threat was called into the Ilwaco High School. One bus was found to have its brake lines cut and water put in its gas tank."

May 19 • "Cary Burrell, Ilwaco's winning javelin thrower, placed first at the girls' state track meet last week-end in Goldendale. Cary competed against 53 other javelin throwers from all across the state, including those from AA and AAA schools. The winning throw of 132 ft. 6-1/4 inches did not break the state record, but was well ahead of the second place toss of 126 ft. 3-1/inches."

May 26 • "Continued shouts of encouragement from a large enthusiastic audience rallied women and men contestants as they battled for the coveted 'World's Oyster Opening Champ' title at old Nahcotta's 'World Oyster Opening Championship' held last Saturday. With two twenty-minute heats held, judges tallied up the most oysters opened, awarding the women's title to Mrs. Toby Johnson of South Bend and the men's to Adam Woolsey of Ocean Park. Woolsey and Johnson, last year's champs, topped all by opening 183 and 160 oysters, respectively. Other women contestants included Margie Horne, second place; Silvia Biggs, third; Lillian Wolfe, Violet Moss, June Sutton and Sherry Pine. Men contestants were West Frank, second; Ike Ekquist, third; Johnny Klien, Dean Byrd, Dave McMullen and Dennis Hickey."

June 9 • "Local Washington State Employment Security Dept. official Ed Shaffer was caught by an Observer reporter and photographer Wednesday after Shaffer had set his temporary office up in Long Beach [in a Volkswagen bus]. With asphalt for a floor, a fold up table for a desk, Volkswagen bus for an office and word of mouth for a telephone, Shaffer emphasized the definite need for registering workers. Asked what he was doing, Shaffer replied, 'My purpose and job is to put people to work and now that local parties can no longer donate office space and the department has no money for an office, I must do the best job I can and that's to work out of my bus.' Shaffer said his major problem was the difficulty for employers to contact his office. During the interview a passing motorist laughed and yelled, 'Send a picture to [Governor] Evans, it's election year isn't it?' "

June 9 • "Miss Helen Tartar, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Vance Tartar, Nahcottta, graduated from Swarthmore University this month with honors, being elected to the honor society Phi Beta Kappa. Helen was home this week for a short visit and will complete graduate study next year at Yale University."

June 30 • "According to Ellie Knapp, Public Utility District superintendent for the Peninsula district, 13 spans of copper wire were stolen off P. U. D. power poles near McGowan Wednesday night, June 21st or Thursday morning, June 22nd. The thieves were obviously professionals who knew circuitry and public utility wiring methods. At approximately 40 cents a pound the 250 pounds of copper will sell for about $100. Knapp said, 'Since no climbing marks were found the thieves evidently used some long cutters.' A rash of similar thefts occurred about one year ago."

June 30 • "Long Beach Postmaster Rival Moore was notified by the mail processing representative of the Portland U. S. Postal District office that there will no longer mail service provided through the Kelso-Ocean Beach Stage Line. ... While postal rates continue to rise our postal service will be cut in half, meaning only one mail run will be coming into the area and one going out each day."

July 21 • "For Rent - Classifieds - BESIDE OCEAN - Year around lease. Apartments, cottages, furnished - unfurnished, 1-2 bdrm., utilities, cable included, $95-$145 mo. Adults. Ocean Park, 665-XXXX."

Oct. 27 • "Want Ads. Babysit Week-ends - 50¢ hour. Inq. Ph. 642-XXXX. Will not sit children over 10."

Oct. 27 • "Want Ads. For Sale - Firewood, dry fir, $24 a cord. Call 777-XXXX."

Dec. 8 • "A Long Beach Peninsula 7-year-old girl was abducted from an Ocean Beach School District bus last Friday at 3:30 p.m. ... according to Pacific County Prosecuting Attorney Anton Miller. The child, a ward of the court and foster child of a local couple, was abducted by her mother ... and transported in an auto ... to Astoria. Miller said the two [abductors] will probably the charged with second degree kidnapping."

Dec. 8 • "The mercury dropped to an all time low this Thursday morning, according to Edie Shire at the Washington Coastal Research and Extension Unit located in North Long Beach. An all time low of 5 degrees and 2 degrees in the bogs was recorded, at the unit office on Pioneer Road. The extension unity has been taking temperature readings since 1956."

Jan. 5, 1973 • "Want Ads. For Sale-1962 Olds hardtop $150. Call after 5 p.m."

March 2 • "While 10 percent of all people in the state are senior citizens (over 65), 12.2 percent are seniors in Grays Harbor-Pacific Counties, 15.5 percent in Pacific County [which had increased to 22.6 percent in 2000], and 24.5 percent of the people on the Long Beach Peninsula are seniors."

March 2 • "According to Mike Williams of Ilwaco ... the Peninsula District of the Twin Harbors Area Boy Scout Council has one of the highest ratio of boys involved in scouting programs ... in the nation. While 29 percent of all eligible boys in the nation are Scouts, 34 percent of the boys in the Twin Harbors Area Council are members with 66 percent of all boys in the Peninsula district area participating in local scouting units. Out of 132 boys in the Peninsula district, which includes Naselle, 106 are Cub Scouts. ... The Ocean Park, Long Beach, Ilwaco and Naselle Boy Scout Troops involved 104 boys out of a possible 138. Thirty-two young men out of an eligible 97 are participating in Explorer Scout troops from Ilwaco and the Naselle Youth Camp."

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