May 22, 1953 - Following a series of changes in U. S. weather stations of the Western region ... North Head station received its final blow Wednesday, when H. D. Spangler, director of region No. 4, arrived here and informed George Rudolph, in charge, to button up the place as of date ... According to George, 30 weather stations and around 82 personnel have been cut off the payrolls in this Western region. Mr. Rudolph stated that in accordance to past records, Astoria station gives this area a closer weather register than readings taken at North Head. This has been proved through comparing figures taken from Cranguyma Farms, North Head and Astoria.

May 22 - A Tokeland Indian, Roland Charley, was elected president of the Chinook Tribal council at a recent meeting in Bay Center, attended by about 68 members of the tribe. Elected to aid Charley in administering the affairs of the tribe were Leonard Hawks, Bay Center, vice president; Mrs. Myrtle Woodcock, South Bend, secretary-treasurer, and Catherine Troeh, Ilwaco; Claude Waine, Raymond; Paul Petit, Bay Center, and Jack Petit, Ilwaco, tribal councilors. The tribal historical post went to Mildred Colbert, Portland, by appointment.

June 5 - The new entrance to the Ilwaco cemetery was dedicated Saturday morning following memorial services in the cemetery. The entrance posts bearing inscription that they are the gift of Illahee Garden club are topped with urns and these were filled with plants.

June 26 - Civil Defense Exercise A Floppo Here. The big state-wide civilian defense exercise scheduled and performed Saturday proved to be quite a masterful floppo so far as this area is concerned, as the alarm came so early in the morning - 7 a.m. - that few persons were out of bed to take cover. Mayor Norman Howerton of Ilwaco, as well as numerous others, believed the alarm would come later in the morning after people had take to the streets for their business day; but this did not prove the case.

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