March 9, 1973 • "Mrs. A. Douglas (Marcel) King, Ocean Park, has recently retired from the Board of Trustees of the Timberland Regional Library. An active and dedicated board member since Timberland's inception in 1968, Mrs. King will be missed by colleagues, the library staff, and many library patrons. Before her appointment to the Board, Mrs. King worked in the Ocean Park Post Office where she met many people.

" 'I have always kept my finger on what was happening in the area,' says Marcel King. This frequent public contact was her key to successful library service. Mrs. King rarely missed a session of the Board, though this frequently meant traveling great distances throughout the five-county library region. She knew many people in Pacific County whose opinions she sought and valued. Visiting the libraries and talking to staff members led to new solutions for better library service. When she saw the bookmobiles, Mrs. King would stop for a visit, curious, asking questions, ready to learn. Library patrons called Mrs. King regularly; she was never too busy to answer questions."

March 16 • "Want Ads. For Sale - 50 shares Bank of the Pacific stock, $7,500. Write Box XXXX, Long Beach, Wash."

March 23 • "It was announced this week that Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Wilson of Nahcotta sold the Ark Cafe to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Glenn III of Long Beach. Pending the transfer of licenses Glenn will take over operation of the cafe on May 1st. Glenn said no major changes will be made in the operation of the cafe. ... The Ark was originally a seafood retail outlet built by the Wilsons in 1950. As years went by the couple added on a gift shop, lunch counter, dining room and kitchen. In January of 1972 the Ark, then one of the area's most popular eating spots, was completely destroyed by fire. The Wilsons rebuilt and opened for business again on May 18th of last year."

April 20 • "According to the U.S. Coast Guard District public relations office in Seattle, the Columbia River Bar Lightship Columbia ... will soon be pushed out of service, but the lightship station will remain. The lightship station off the Columbia River Bar is one of only two remaining lightship stations in the U. S. and the only station now on the West Coast. New electronic 'Large Navigation Buoys' have been replacing lightships."

April 20 • "Hed: War Over But Draft Still Here. R. G. 'Dick' Marquardt, State Director of Selective Service System said this week, 'It is still necessary for 18-year-old men to register for the draft and to be classified by their local draft boards even though we are not now drafting any young men.' "

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