Aug. 12, 1955 - "Roadside Park Dedication At McGowan Sun. Commemorating Lewis and Clark Campsite Nov. 1805. Program To Start At 1 O'clock.

"A one acre tract of land presented by Mrs. Henry McGowan to the state of Washington for a roadside park in commemoration of Lewis and Clark's campsite from Nov. 16 to 25, 1805, and a marker placed by the State Parks and Recreation Commission, will be dedicated Sunday, Aug. 14th, in a two o'clock dedicatory service to which the public is invited.

"The marker states that 'from this point they saw the breakers and knew they had completed the mission assigned to them by President Thomas Jefferson.'

"A program will be in charge of the Pacific County Historical Society with President John Wiegardt of Ocean Park presiding."

March 9, 1956 - "Art Alexander, owner and operator of Peninsula Sanitation Service here has taken an option on 10 acres of land about one and one-half miles east of here and plans moving from Wallicut Hill dump to the new location within 60 days. ...

"Alexander's new garbage dump will release Ilwaco's viewpoint dump for beautification which will be done by the state highway commission ...

"The dump is to be operated along modern lines, Alexander now dealing for a caterpillar equipped with front-end scoop which will make it possible for all refuse to be compacted and then buried; and according to the state health department, 10 acres should furnish dumping area for this area for at least 20 years."

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